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3 Steps to an Unforgettable Website

custom website design

At Anttix, our process is our underlying definition, shaping the entire scope of each project. The major phases in our detail-oriented operation are Discovery, Design, and Content.

Discovery is crucial to overall website development. Many questions are answered during this phase. The purpose and target market are determined, leading to options regarding features. Blogs, content management systems, newsletters, portfolios, profiles, calendars, and more are considered and planned. Once domain registration and hosting packages are explained, we will submit an estimate, and if approved, write a clearly outlined contract.

The Design phase allows us to work closely with the client to construct the appropriate design to suit the needs and personality of the business or organization. We review styles, colors, formats, and general visual impacts that appeal to the client. Using this framework we present two mockups, which illustrate the overall look and feel of the website. Our open communication and smooth transition set us apart from many competitors.

Content development includes researching, organizing, writing, and editing information for websites. Content may consist of prose, graphics, pictures, recordings, video, or other digital media. When developing content, the focus is on making the information stand out in an original manner, often reaching a niche audience. Page layout and the site map are also finalized. Within these pages, marketing material is incorporated, giving the visitor reason to view the website for extended time, and reason to return.

Excellent web design is a combination of common sense and proper planning. With these essentials in place, and a solid communication line between designer and client, a website can reach its full potential.