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And Then There Were Two

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While there are countless legitimate search engines available to satisfy your query needs, most of us do not feel too creative when it comes to the routine task of locating information. We tend to choose a search engine as our default, and conveniently pop phrases in as needed.

For all intents and purposes Bing, Google, and Yahoo became the only search engines that even register on the pie charts of the public's preferences. Google, not surprisingly, takes up about two-thirds of that pie. The remainder was split between Yahoo and Bing-- until last month, that is. In December, the Yahoo-Bing shotgun marriage took place. Finalized agreements determine that Bing will now power Yahoo in the hope that together they can take over the world... or at least the search engine world.

Does anyone besides bloggers and die-hard loyalists care? Absolutely, if you are deciding where to best allocate your advertising dollars. Investors are certainly watching and waiting. Despite building drama, the merger has so far proven anticlimactic. While Bing's campaign as a 'decision' engine brings quick tabs and refined search results, most users complain that it just is not streamlined enough for their taste. Advanced features are wordy and sometimes add more steps than they save. Overall search results are different between Bing and Google, but not clearly better or worse. People are creatures of habit, and a pretty background may not be sufficient to make them alter their habits.

If this forces Bing to develop more effective tools in the spirit of competition, hooray for the consumer. If Google responds by improving the refinement of its results, we win again. In the meantime, Anttix continues to submit our clients' websites to all major search engines. Finally, if you want an unbiased, side-by-side comparison of the differences in search results between Bing and Google, simply go to-- you guessed it--, and bingoogle away!