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Anttix Goes Green

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It might seem like a website development company would automatically be green. After all, there are no smoke stacks belching soot, and we are not dumping toxic sludge into the rivers of Illinois. Often though, it is the little things we overlook that can impact our environment. To combat some of the problems that affect the atmosphere of our globe, Anttix has taken the following steps:

  • Reducing Waste- Whenever technology allows, we avoid paper waste. All correspondence and note-taking are done digitally.
  • Recycling- From using recycled paper for any print material we provide, to recycling water bottles we drink in the office, we are committed to this simple and effective act.
  • Using Green Supplies- All around our office you will find earth-friendly products, including cleaning products.
  • Reducing Vehicle Emissions- To minimalize the Anttix carbon footprint, we provide training over the phone, digital instruction documents via email, and online seminars as needed.
  • Keeping the Atmosphere Green- Our office incorporates efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems. We use laptops exclusively, which use only 1/4 of the power of desktop computers. On weekends unneeded equipment is shut off, and we even keep a few VOC-eating plants around as mascots.

If you are considering adopting some greener practices for your business or organization, remember that it benefits you, too. In addition to saving money on supplies, utilities, and possibly even fuel, you may gain tax breaks. Customers and clients will respect you for your decision to be environmentally conscious, and you will open yourself to an entire market of individuals who seek out such companies. Going green is a truly win-win situation. Contact Anttix for more strategies to verditize your business.