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Best Kept Secret - The Small Business

Small Business Saturday

This Saturday, following Black Friday, marks the 4th annual Small Business Saturday founded by American Express in 2010. This event aims to help small businesses get more customers rather than the big box stores that receive most of the consumer attention around the holidays. This annual event encourages shoppers to stop in a local small business and give them a chance, which helps grow local pride and supports the next great business on the rise. At Anttix we strongly support this day and encourage not only our clients but our employees to shop local and shop small, not just this November 29th but throughout the year as well. But this concept begs the question, why shop at a small business when the large stores offer selection, low cost, and accessibility?

The answer isn't black and white, as no one expects consumers to only shop at one type of store of another. Rather, it encourages us to have some variety in our shopping experience. While a big box store may provide everyday needs quite at a low price a small business may provide better customer service, more hand-selected quality for their products, and one-on-one service you won't get from a larger store. In these features, we may find hidden treasures and a sense of that home-town-feel for getting to really know the business you choose to patron. Maybe its that specialty olive oil shop where the owner steers you towards a great selection that makes your next dinner party really shine. Or it could be a new restaurant that quickly becomes your go-to lunch meeting location with a friendly atmosphere and unique food. It could even be from the service industry, where a local print shop gives your wedding initiations a personal touch and provides the best-made invitations you could imagine for your special day. All of these are far more likely with small businesses, so would it hurt to stop in and look just to find out?

The same concept applies to Anttix and our services as well. While there are many large website firms out there churning out hundreds of website per year, Anttix has stayed small and provided hands-on customer service to our clients. As a small business we can work one-on-one to provide outstanding web design services as well as marketing, graphic design, and hosting services. Very few of the larger companies can have the luxury of working directly with their clients and provide custom solutions catering to their specific needs. They are forced to work in bulk, producing template websites and indirect customer service that passes the clients needs through several channels before it gets to the ears of those actually working on the site. This customer service process can take days or months, while small businesses like Anttix can provide web design answers and solutions in as little as a few hours or even minutes. That is the kind of service one should expect from a small business like ours.

So this Saturday consider a small business for your holiday shopping and if its web design services you need call Anttix toll-free at 877-426-8849 or click here to contact us.