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Cool Kids of 2009

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Were you among the throngs of fans who googled Michael Jackson back in June? Or did you do some research to find out how much cash Uncle Sam might give you for your clunker? Maybe you followed the Jon & Kate Plus 8 (divide by 2) math. The results from the major search engines are in, and while some top searches reflect popular topics of 2009, a few sites are quietly sneaking upward.

Naturally, the #1 most searched subject by any count was Michael Jackson. The untimely death of the self-proclaimed King of Pop initiated a mouse-clicking frenzy. As did political hot buttons like health care reform. Speaking of health, reports several common searches on issues from fertility to flu. Let's also not forget the ever-present question, "When will the world end?" (2012, according to the Mayans, who themselves ended over 1,000 years ago.)

The real surprises, however, are found amongst Google's top 10 most searched websites. Do the names Tuenti, Sanalika, or Dantri ring a bell? If not, it is probably because they are a Spanish social networking site, a Turkish virtual world (think Mideast Manga), and a Vietnamese language site, respectively. There's a lesson in the fact that all of these websites rank in Google's top 10. The business world continues to expand, while simultaneously getting smaller and closer. Don't forget about foreign clients. Brainstorm ways to expand your website's broad outreach where appropriate. Who knows? Your website may one day be the strange name that fills a top 10 slot.