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Credibility Through SSL Certificates

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By now most internet savvy people understand the dangers of identity theft. Many website owners, however, do not fully grasp the necessity of protecting their site users with SSL certificates.

'SSL' stands for secure socket layer. Simply stated, when a website has an SSL certificate, it guarantees secure transactions between web servers and browsers. A cryptographic system is used to encrypt data, requiring two keys to unlock it. One is public, known to everyone. The other is private, known only to the recipient.

An SSL certificate is imperative if you deal in any type of eCommerce, to protect credit card numbers, addresses, and other information. Even if your website does not sell products or services, you should be using an SSL certificate if you process any personal information such as passwords or social security numbers. Some site owners also use them simply to keep compliant with confidentiality laws and policies.

So what's in it for you? The answer is simple: if you establish credibility with your website visitors, they are far more likely to return and/or make purchases from you. There are too many risks on the internet for potential customers or clients to take a chance on a site without an SSL certificate. To someone who is not personally familiar with your business or organization, SSL can stand for safety, security, and legitimacy.

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