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Have you ever gone to a website and been impressed by the moving or changing pictures that greet you? Have you ever gone to a website and been annoyed by these same features? Flash is the program that makes this possible. Depending on design, it can be implemented as an entire website, or just part of a site. In some cases, the images are interactive, adding further interest for the viewer.

With so many attention-grabbing aspects, why wouldn't everyone want Flash incorporated into their website? Think of it as a risk/reward tradeoff. On one hand, websites containing Flash images take up more bandwidth, which can lead to slower loading speeds and higher hosting expenses. These may be inconsequential, however, if you have a gallery of photographs or a mobile presentation that needs to make an immediate statement.

You may also like the fact that Flash holds the interest of the viewer, but be aware that search engines will not necessarily be attracted to your website. In fact, search engines cannot even read Flash because it is comprised of embedded images rather than straightforward text. Again, you must consider both sides.

Should you decide that you want to use Flash in your website, give yourself a few guidelines. Start by asking yourself why you want Flash. Will it enhance your website and increase repeat traffic, or do you just want it as a gimmick? Next consider how you want to use the images. Is there a way for site visitors to interact? Plan carefully and remember that too much of a good thing can drive people away once the novelty wears off. Finally, discuss all of your options and ideas with your experienced website developer. At Anttix, we are capable and more than happy to utilize Flash, but we want to make sure that it is used in the most flattering, effective way for your unique website.