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New Frontiers

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Anttix has been and always will be an evolving company. That means we strive to better ourselves, our services, and our quality of customer care. To do so, every so often we adjust and enhance our services to remain at the cusp of our ever-changing industry. This month we would like to discuss the ways in which we are scaling down, scaling up, and staying the same.

First, comes the unfortunate news. Anttix will no longer offer a full search engine optimization (SEO) package as we have in the past for a small number of clients. We had previously done so to test the kind of comprehensive service we could reasonably provide. Unfortunately, our experiment proved to monopolize too many resources with too few results. In order for us to bring our clients the service they deserve, we would have to increase costs and diminish our efforts in web-based technology research and service. We will, however, continue to offer SEO local listing services and highly marketable sites for our clients. We will further build stronger relationships with reputable SEO companies to provide this service for clients who desire it.

In the area of growth, Anttix is excited to announce the addition of digital video and audio services to our list of web-based features. We have begun offering simple digital media recording, editing, and audio services to highly expand our clients' capabilities. Whether it be a video presentation, promotion, testimonial, or advertisement, we can help record, present, and take your online video to the next level in a highly marketable setting. In the coming months, Anttix will also specialize in video enhancement, including audio narration, slideshows, and more. We believe that digital audio/video services will provide heightened success for our clients.

Lastly, it is important to note that our other web design and development services will continue in the reliable and detail-oriented manner upon which our clients have come to depend. With the refinement of mobile site technology, we will provide the same high-quality services as we always have. These include but are not limited to: website design, web application development, online data management, e-commerce, graphic print design, and more. The strict quality standards we adhere to will not change; they will now encompass our latest services, further benefiting our clients.

We look forward to introducing you to our new services while continuing to provide the same level of quality and expertise. Call today to learn more.