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The Power of Email

Communication Methods

When we first started using email it was a simple tool for avoiding snail mail and sending quick messages to friends and family. Once the business world started adopting email into their processes it became a powerful tool for inter-office communication. When businesses took it further and started using email to communicate with their clients it became an even more powerful tool for sharing simple and even critical information. Soon after, email became a means of delivering important information and confirming your identity with many online applications. Social media soon began to dominate the communication world, allowing us to create and associate our identities with their media experience. The figureheads of the internet including Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo provided us with free email services to jump right into the game while utilizing other interesting features. On the other hand, paid email services tied together the power of our business's website with even more enhanced features such as business calendars, task lists, and support systems. As we can see, the power of email only grows by the minute and will likely continue to grow very rapidly.

So what does this mean for business? It means taking a look at your business email services and determining if it is time for an upgrade and if your old services are changing. In late 2014 Anttix decided to discontinue the free email service we provided with all hosting packages. This service proved to be faulty and unreliable for our clients. We no longer wished to provide a less-than-reliable service for our clients and instead steer them towards dependable and powerful email solutions. When we made this important decision we found we were not alone. Many hosting services were also removing free email accounts and offering more sufficient paid services separately as well. The main reason; web hosting services are simply too burdened by sharing server processing and storage with the greater demands of email as it grows more powerful in the industry. Many responsible hosting companies who care about the quality of their client's email services have made this change along with Anttix and for all the right reasons. It is not about charging more money for services; it’s about getting what you pay for.

Your business likely requires more than just a free Gmail or MSN account. These free tools are great for simple, personal use but for a business they simply will not cut it. To communicate effectively between your business and your clients you need to step it up a notch. This solution can be provided by staple companies such as Google with a Gmail Business Account or the powerful services of Microsoft's Exchange Servers. These accounts generally cost $2-$5 per month per user and are quite easy to maintain with the help of industry professionals that Anttix works with and recommends every day. It is simply about peace of mind, and having a service powerful enough to meet your needs.

If you are interested in your email services and what is available for you please give us a call today at (877) 426-8849 or email us here.