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The Power of the Testimonial


Many of us put great stock in reviews, testimonials, and recommendations given on a variety of different commercial websites. From Amazon 5-star ratings to Yelp reviews, we hold these pieces of information in great regard when purchasing goods and services. Hearing first-hand information from someone who utilized the service or used the product gives us more reassurance when making a decision and rightfully so. The manufacturer or service will always claim their product and/or service is the best in their industry but we generally will not just take them on their word. Of course they stand behind their work, but an impartial third party can go either way. More than 80% of consumers say they are more like to buy a product or service that has reviews versus those that have nothing at all. This makes perfect sense.

Testimonials are powerful tools, so how do you get them?

If your product or service has yielded positive results with your customers it shouldn't be too hard to attain a good testimonials. This article aims to show you how to get the best possible version of that review and how to show it off.

First, honesty is key. Its not just about your customers giving an honest account of work either, its about whether your ready believes it or not. Avoid one or two sentence reviews that simply use generic terms like "great" and "good quality." These seem made up and ambiguous. Instead, ask your satisfied client to tell you a story of how you helped them. A narrative goes a long way with your visitors. We like to learn by hearing stories rather than reading facts. They leave lasting impressions and naturally come across as believable. One short, honest paragraph will be more valuable than 100 one or two-word testimonials.

Second, show as much information as you can from the source of your testimonial. Include your customer's name, location, and if possible a friendly image of them or their business logo. You may also include pictures of the service you provided or if you provided a product, show them using it. However, do not provide so much information that your testimonial provider can be contacted. You do not want to violate their privacy or allow competitors to unethically approach your clients. A full name is ok, or just their First name and last initial if you would prefer to be careful.

Lastly, consider that less is more when it comes to testimonials. Very few people need 10-20 testimonials about you to make a decision. Starting with 3-5 testimonials will likely work best. You simply want to establish positive reviews from several sources and offer alternate perspectives if possible. If you can show reviews of different types of your products or services the better you will be. Just give your visitors the best examples of satisfied customers if you want to achieve an impact and avoid drowning them in too much reading. Often enough, too many testimonials may make your visitors question if any of them are honest in the first place.

As a side note, when using social media like Facebook and Twitter to share your testimonials be aware of the social aspect of sharing that information. This will open up your testimonials to more scrutiny and comments by those that may visit your social media pages. In some cases this may provide more information about your customer than you should be comfortable with. Simply practice diligence when you allow reviews with sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare and be sure to respond professionally to any comments that come along with them.

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