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Rising to Standards

Keep Raising the Bar

The question we get asked the most is simply, "What makes Anttix different?" It is a fair question, with so many other website design companies out there doing excellent work. Some companies work in bulk, churning out multiple websites a month with templates and pre-built solutions for a very low cost. Some companies work in the opposite direction by only working on large-scale, high-end web applications costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes years to develop. Anttix generally falls in between, but it is certainly not the scale of our projects. We enjoy website design projects from the large to the small and have worked with everything from a work-from-home business to a multi-million dollar corporation. What does set us apart is quality, or more specifically standards.

Standards apply to websites in a variety of different ways. Some apply to the way we write code while others simply apply to work and business ethics. Here are a few that are very important to us and what we feel sets us apart from any large or small scale Web Development Company:

Web Standards

By following the strict set of guidelines created by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) we create websites with the highest degree of compatibility and seamless navigation. These standards were created by a group of international professionals to improve the way we develop and innovate web-based products around the world. There can be no higher standard to meet, so Anttix adheres to these standards for all of our websites to ensure we are putting the best product out there. Some simple examples of these standards are checks for broken links, removal of redundant pieces of code, properly closing all tags, and avoidance of deprecated code. This may seem very technical for some, because it is, the concept is simple... do it right the first time.

Work Standards

At Anttix we apply a series of standards to how we start and complete each project that comes along. No matter how big or small a project is it will receive the highest standards of quality we can provide and equal amounts of appropriate attention. We see each project from start to finish personally, and work directly with our clients to help their voices be heard and needs get met. The biggest advantage Anttix has is working locally with many clients, having face-to-face meetings to discuss their project, and always acting as a familiar voice behind each support phone call we get. While we work with contractors and other professionals from time to time we keep them local and familiar. Anttix keeps all of our business as local as possible including our servers which are housed and maintained in the U.S. Local is very important to us and we believe that comes as strong standard to follow.

Business Standards

How we do business is the most important standard of all for Anttix. We do not believe in cutting corners, saving a buck at the expense of quality, and finding the easy way to do things every time. Sometimes this takes more work and cuts into the bottom line for this company’s fiscal year. We are willing to take that risk and suffer that loss so at the end of the day we can rest our head and know we did our job properly. From our billing to support tools, everything is put in place to ensure our customer service is top notch and our clients receive a product they can be proud of. We believe an ethical and honest approach is always the best approach in our business. It may not be the most profitable way, or the easiest, but it is certainly our way.