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A Step Ahead of Malware

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One of the functions of the Anttix Antics newsletter is to inform clients of potential internet and web-related dangers. As such, we have always highly encouraged the use of quality antivirus software to protect your computer from spyware and malware. This year, however, mobile device users need to take that priority one step further.

With the number of applications and users growing by leaps and bounds, it is only (unfortunately) natural that mobile devices are quickly becoming the target of malware developers. In fact, in Larry Barrett's article "Hackers Set Sights on Android Mobile Devices", he reports that attacks on mobile devices rose 33% in 2010 ( One can only expect this number to increase in 2011.

To review, malware is any software that is designed to do harm to your system or your privacy by gathering personal information and/or infecting various applications. While in the early days of mobile device use the threat mainly relied on installation by unsuspecting users, today more sophisticated connectivity has opened new avenues for problems.

Now for the good news. Protecting your mobile device is as easy as protecting your computer. In most cases, you can find a comparable product from your current security provider. Installation generally involves a simple download process. Just remember to look for protection that:

defeats viruses, malware, spyware, and text spam.
guards against user generated and non-user generated malware.
provides constant security updates.
endorses secure content. (This also works in your favor as a confidence builder for your customers. They will appreciate seeing that your website is securely endorsed on mobile devices as well as on traditional computers.)
allows your device to continue running at peak performance.

Whatever malware protection product you choose, install it as soon as possible. Start the new year with security in your pocket.