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Twitter Goes to the Library

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In some respect, we all have a hand in writing human history. Now that act is more literal than ever before if you are among the millions who tweet. In mid-April, the Library of Congress announced that it would be digitally archiving every tweet ever posted by any little blogging bird. The 210-year old institution adds this ever-growing record to its mammoth collection of every book, print, photo, map, or musical piece registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Yes, now your brilliant diatribe on the proper way to enjoy an Oreo is immortalized. So what does that mean for tweeting habits? Will users change their subject matter or language, self-censoring with the knowledge that it all goes 'on their permanent record' as they used to say in school? More importantly, can posts now, as a matter of public record, be used to a person's detriment?

Some feel that a little fair warning would have been in order, but the fact remains that anything you submit to the internet in any capacity is fair game to come back to haunt you. Only time will tell if blogger habits change noticeably, but someone might think twice before running to Twitter just to tell us that he bought a new pair of socks. Then again, maybe our descendants should know about those socks...