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Why W3C Matters

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By definition, W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium, an international community where member organizations and the public work together to develop standards in the interest of leading the internet to its full potential. The key feature of this standardization is consistent and proper coding guidelines for programming languages HTML, CSS, and XML.

1995 saw the first battles of what have come to be known as the 'browser wars'. Netscape Navigator was the dominant browser of the day, but Microsoft's Internet Explorer was rapidly jockeying for a piece of the market exploding around this emerging technology. The competition led each to develop its own set of HTML standards-- similar to W3C's, but not an exact match.

While this kept branding unique, it left developers tearing their hair out trying to create websites that would appear and effectively and identically function in both browsers. In some cases, the task was simply impossible. The browser wars had essentially hindered the very websites that they featured.

Fast forwarding another ten years saw the continuation of the browser wars, but with a far greater respect for W3C standards. Programmers rejoice! Now, writing W3C compliant code guarantees that current browsers will render a website correctly. In addition, following W3C standards yields other benefits for your website:

  • Finds bugs in code-- Using W3C's HTML validator points out potential problems that can be fixed early on.
  • Guarantees future functionality-- Any new/future browsers will render your site correctly, based on the same W3C compliance.
  • Yields search engine respectability-- W3C compliance provides a solid foundation on which to build your marketing strategy.
  • Identifies professionals-- At this point, programmers who do not utilize W3C standards may be compromising your website's attributes, presentation, and performance. Anttix always programs within W3C compliance. For further information, contact us.