Mobile Design- Why Old Methods Don't Work

By now, many website owners understand that developers must take a careful approach when designing for mobile devices. The process for creating websites has changed significantly in light of the fact that so many end users are accessing the internet via iPhones and Android devices. Here are a few explanations of why the methodology has evolved.

The Need for Speed: Yslow Toolbar

When was the last time you were frustrated by a website's response time?  If there is a notable delay between clicking and the resulting action, even a few seconds can feel like slow motion.  Of course, fast response times keep visitors on a website, but did you know that quick response also influences search engine placement?  Since speed is crucial to the visibility of a website, how does Anttix ensure that your site runs at Mach 1?

The Role of XML Sitemap

The internet is a content-based environment. The content contained within every website has been organized, structured, and rendered easily accessible. Undergoing this process directly correlates with a website's search engine optimization via XML Sitemap.

Tech Talk: Three Acronyms You Should Know

SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA are three acronyms that are stirring up the pot of controversy among the internet community.  What do they mean?  In short, SOPA and PIPA are two bills that were introduced to combat online copyright infringement.  ACTA is another similar installment that would monitor such activity within a grander scope.

Website Feature of the Month: Paperless File Management

With the new year comes its fair share of business resolutions, and for some, that means revisiting the concept of going paperless.  This isn’t always easy due to logistical problems with management and distribution of necessary business paper files and forms.  What you may not know is that your website can be a great place to handle these functions, improving your organization as a whole.

When Vocal Command Technology Gets Personal

As expected, mobile technology plunges into 2012 by continuing to grow at impressive rates. This past holiday season was significant for the Android Platform as 3.7 million devices were activated. That's more than 3½ times the normal amount. According to Andy Rubin, Senior VP of Mobile Technology at Google, Apple has also been selling a hefty amount of digital devices.1 GigaOM estimates that the iDeveloper has sold over 30 million devices during 2011's fourth quarter (Etherington).2 This figure is up from the 17 million devices sold during the previous quarter.

Learning the Language with W3Schools

Website development means programming, which is a unique language and thought process. Like any foreign language, learning the many core concepts, shortcuts, and facets takes time. As a younger web developer on the team, I take advantage of the numerous sites which aid me in various development projects. One site that I tend to visit constantly is W3Schools Online.

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