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Yes We Can, Unless...

custom website design

From eCommerce to unique graphic design, you know the many services Anttix offers. Did you also know, though, that there are limitations to what Anttix can and will do in the realm of website development?

For obvious reasons, Anttix will not create any website that will be used for unlawful purposes. We also reserve the right to terminate service of any website promoting pornographic images or video. "So what?" You may be saying to yourself. "How does this apply to me?" We mention it because it is just another mark of integrity that Anttix brings to the industry. Consequently, you never have to worry or wonder about the ethical nature of the company that powers your site.

To further protect you, we will not register any domain that has the potential to infringe upon another party's rights. If a questionable issue arises, we will make adjustments before ever creating the site. Lastly, Anttix insists that owners/users agree not to use our service to send bulk, unsolicited email. (We dislike spam as much as you do.)

Anttix strives to bring elegant innovation to every step of the web development process. If at any point you have questions about the "dos and don'ts" of website management, feel free to contact us.