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Junk Email

Bah, Humbug, and Leave Me Alone!

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'Spam', a slang term for unsolicited junk email, is about as appealing as the box-shaped meat product of the same name. Most people don't really think much about spam until they are getting hundreds of junk emails daily. With each new spam message it takes longer to check email. From a practical standpoint, blocking spam saves time and money in the long run.

So why do you get spam messages? It's not personal; it's business. Spammers get paid by getting people like you and me to buy things online. They advertise through email and have many techniques for finding email addresses and sending out messages. The longer that you have an email address, the more opportunity there is to be found by spammers. Even if you are very careful with online registrations, it will not stop the onslaught of spam.

Email filtering is the solution for ridding your account of spam. Basically, you can have the spam tagged or stopped. Tagging email is what we describe as basic email filtering, and it is included with each account. All email is scanned, and if a spam email is found, then the header is labeled "****SPAM****". Some clients prefer this because all of the email comes directly to them, and they can determine if it is a true slice of spam or not. Other clients prefer not to see spam email at all. In these cases, we utilize advanced email filtering, which scans all of the email and removes the spam. At the end of each day a message digest containing all blocked spam is sent to the user. The user can then quickly review the spam and release any falsely quarantined email.

Whether you prefer basic or advanced email filtering, Anttix can arrange your solution. If you are interested in advanced email filtering, contact an Anttix representative for pricing.