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Local Identity

What is Google Looking For Today?

Google Search

As web developers and website owners we have to ask ourselves on a regular basis, "What is Google looking for today?" This means that we are away of how often Google changes and improves their search algorithm to accommodate the best possible results for their visitors. The certainly don't just trust the same algorithm from 10 years ago will do the job. Google's search engine still holds just over 67% of the market share* making it something all sites should be paying attention to, and with it they have the responsibility of employing artificial intelligence-like technology to rank their website search results. So let's review the question of what Google is looking for today.

Responsive Websites

Anttix may be called a broken record for how often we mention responsive websites, those sites that respond to the device and screen width they are viewed on without changing content. Now we one more reason to show you why. Responsive websites are now being ranked higher for Google search results for the simple reason that they provide one-stop-shop content for visitors no matter how they are viewing the site. Google appreciates the efficiency from only having to crawl and index one site without having to review sub-domains and mobile websites which contain similar but different content. Google also ranks these sites higher because they can be shared, interacted with, and back-linked easily from one URL across all platforms seamlessly. In other words, if your site is not responsive you could start taking a bit hit in your rankings.

Local Identity

More often than none, your searches are being conducted with data you may not even know Google has collected. Your geographic location is being taken into consideration, therefore you may find results of businesses and services closer to you rather than just those with the most relevant content. It is more important than ever to stress a local presence for your site and we don't just mean listing your address somewhere on your page. This also includes geographical social media sites like Yelp and Foursquare that help business create a local presence with a rapidly growing network of users trying to find goods and services close to them. Creating a strong local presence for your website can mean big results in your search engine rankings and most importantly, drive the local users you really want.

More Content Awareness

As sites grow, it is not necessarily how often you work keywords into your site but the quality of your content as a whole. Good content includes saying something unique about the keywords you want to be found for. For example, Anttix doesn't want to just plaster "web design" all over our site and hope the spam catches on. In a lot of ways this would be a detriment to us, as keyword spam is detected easily and penalized quickly. Instead, we would rather talk about the web design services and philosophies we offer, and tell people why the web design Anttix offers is different. Not only will inform our visitors more accurately but Google will recognize that quality content as well.

In conclusion, you simply want to continue to put your best website efforts forward while paying attention to current trends. If you find it hard for your business to keep up with important trends like Social Media, Search Engines, and Responsiveness then please give Anttix a call at 877-426-8849 or email us here. We will be happy to help manage these important aspects of your website and get you on track for the best possible search engine rankings.

*Based on the latest search engine market share figures for April 2014, released by comScore.


Local Pursuit

Community Involvment

At Anttix, we put our best into every project that comes our way but we have a special place in our hearts for local businesses and organizations. The main reason is we get to work side by side and face to face with our client to improve and contribute to the areas we ourselves strive in. Would you want to improve the local energy company or your own chamber of commerce? There is something to be said of that small town mentality where everyone helps everyone else out. It’s comforting and beneficial to everyone involved. In this weeks' blog article we are going to talk about why staying local is import to us and why it may be important to you.

The first advantage to working locally is become a bigger part of your own community. Getting involved with charity events, community fundraisers, and educational programs can go a long way to enrich your business life. Your motivation shouldn't just be to get name recognition and sales leads either, that should be a happy byproduct. Your motivation should be to show your community what is important to you and what you want to be involved with. If you put positive effort into your community then something positive should reflect back. If you are only motivated by greed and profit then chances are you won't get much in return.

The second advantage to local business is probably the most important. This is a goal, and that goal is to become an authority in your community. You can strive to be the best but you simply need to be an outstanding resource in your field of expertise. At Anttix we have a passion for what we do and we want to share that passion with our community. Whether it is web design in Shorewood, IL or application design in Naperville, IL we enjoy each and every chance we get to help our community with technology challenges. If you can be a professional shoulder to lean on for your community you will do more than you think.

The third and final advantage we will talk about today is about making a positive change. Maybe you see something your community needs or a problem your company can help solve. Being poised in a position to help your community overcome difficulties and avoid untrustworthy business practices can be a huge advantage. Perhaps you have found businesses in your community who struggle to succeed where you can help turn that around. As a technology company Anttix has helped many local businesses implement web-based products to fill gaps and solve issues they have suffered for months or even years. When your community grows and succeeds you will too. Find the niche your community may be lacking in and help it succeed.

There are many advantages to working locally but all of them should lead to a sense of community pride and striving businesses that work alongside your own. Your business doesn't always have to be about your needs, it should be about the needs of those around you. This includes both your customers and your community. Contact your local chamber of commerce or local business networking group today to learn about how you can get involved.

Anttix is a proud member of several local organizations including the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce and Joliet Chamber of Commerce. Call toll-free today at (888) 426-8849 if you are in the Shorewood, Joliet, Naperville, Plainfield and surrounding area to find out how Anttix can help you.