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Mobile Web Design

How Are You Viewing the Web?

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Just a few years ago, the sharing and receiving of electronic information only took place in the home or office. Now, mobile technology has changed how and where we view internet content. Cell phones, laptops, and tablet PCs are ubiquitous, all powered by fast Wi-Fi networks available everywhere from airplanes to fast food restaurants.

Not surprisingly, mobile devices have taken off rapidly, leaving the home PC to decline in usage in just a few short years. Some experts estimate that over 1.83 billion mobile browsers will be in use by 2013, compared to a dwindling 1.78 billion desktop browsers. By 2015, a majority of people will use their mobile devices as their primary browsing tools.

What does this mean for the average business owner? For starters, if you own a website, now is a good time to look into making your site 'mobile friendly'. This sometimes means developing a mobile design for your website. Products like render your site more effectively for mobile viewing. In other cases, it is necessary to create mobile applications for your business, or just simply make your site more accessible on smaller screens. Your web design and development company should be able to offer advice as to what mobile strategies are best for your business. Anttix has made this a primary service for our clients.

Embracing mobile trends simply means keeping up with the latest technology and finding new ways to use our devices to make life more convenient. Just as the microwave changed home cooking forever, mobile devices have revolutionized the sharing of information, ideas, and communication in ways we never expected. The key is to anticipate refined mobile technology developments, and to approach solutions creatively, from the standpoint of the on-the-go user.