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Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce

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Anttix is pleased to feature the local town of Plainfield, Illinois this month. During the past decade, Plainfield has experienced a population explosion that initiated with the sale of many area farms. This made way for a large number of new subdivisions, and savvy developers took note. As young families and exurbanites took root, the face of Plainfield's once agricultural heritage began to change. In less than a generation, the town grew from 13,000 to over 40,000 residents.

Many businesses and services have established themselves in Plainfield since the boom, and the Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce promotes and supports them in its effort to develop a strong and economically viable community. Over the years, Anttix has provided website design services to the Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce, developing a close relationship with its members.

Liz Collins, president of the chamber, explained, "The Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce has been using Anttix for the past several years for all of our computer needs. Anttix is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented company who is frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to our website." In addition to designing and maintaining the PACC's website, we have also created sites for Plainfield Business Expo, Plainfield Harvest 5K, and Conservation Plainfield.

If you have a Plainfield business and you need a website design that will take you to the next level of professionalism and success, Anttix is ready to partner with you. We offer cutting edge website design services that are reliable and effective for search engine optimization. We take pride in our Plainfield websites, and we believe that attractive design is a vital form of communication between you and your prospective clients. Having a professionally designed website is essential in the age of internet marketing.


Anttix Partners With Community

Plainfield Harvest 5k

From website design for small and medium-sized businesses, to efficient applications for entire school districts, Anttix provides the quality internet presence that the region demands. Anttix also understands that, in order to return client loyalty, a business must give back to its community. This has been a key component of the Anttix mission since the company's inception. Most recently, Anttix showed its support for the Plainfield area by becoming an emerald sponsor in the Edward Plainfield Harvest 5K Run.

On September 26, runners and walkers left Village Green Park for a 5K race through the heart of Plainfield's historic district. Children's events were held as well, bringing entire families out to share in this healthy, fun experience. (Detailed race results, including names and time rankings, are currently posted on the Plainfield Harvest 5K website.) The true winners, however, are the local charities and community service organizations that benefited from a portion of the race's proceeds. Participants, like the sponsors, were eager to contribute to worthy causes.

Anttix is proud to share in opportunities to serve its community. Just ask the Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce. Not only does the Chamber trust their web design needs to Anttix, but they, too, have welcomed Anttix as a partner in various community events during the past year, including Plainfield Expo and the Young Photographer's Contest.

Anttix also continues to play an active role in Conservation Plainfield. This unified corporate venture meets on a regular basis to discuss ecological issues and promote responsible environmental awareness through outreach based initiatives. Members realize that together, small efforts can make a big difference to local residents and businesses.

Win-win results are achieved when a business values its clientèle and the local community. Anttix looks forward to expanding its communal involvement as a positive influence for a positive future.