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New Year's Resolutions

New Years Goals

As we approach the new year, some of us have begun planning our New Year's resolutions. Its those little bad habits and fruitful goals we plan to do something about when a fresh start rolls around. Sometimes we simply stop doing bad things like fast food or start doing good things like exercising more. Either way, we aim to be better people in the coming year and grow instead of stand still or decline.

The same idea of resolution could be applied to your website. Maybe it is time to revisit your site and explore how to make it grow in the new year. Lets talk about some "website resolutions" that can give your online presence a fresh start in the new year.

  • Lose Weight - Shed Your Bad Content

    In many cases bad content can weigh our sites down and hurt their search engine rankings. Be sure to remove any duplicate content on your site, or make sure it is not longer indexed by search engines. If you have old content that simply does not apply to your business or represents a service you no longer apply, get rid of it. You do not want to be found for irrelevant content or give your visitors the wrong impression. Give your web content a good review.

  • Try a New Look - Redesign & Respond

    It may be time to update your site to a new, modern look or simply apply best practices such as responsiveness to your current site. It may even be time to start from scratch and try a whole new direction. Either way, websites need new attention every few years so ask yourself "Is my website due for a makeover?" Web design is an ever-growing profession that we try to stay on the edge of for our client's sake, so lean on web professionals like Anttix to let you know what your site could evolve into.

  • Get a New Hobby - Add Something New to Your Site

    While some learn an instrument or try sewing in the new year, businesses can consider adding on new and exciting features to their website. Perhaps now is the time to add an eCommerce solution to your site, or maybe you would like to integrate some of your communication software into your core pages. The goal is to see your website as an evolving entity that can expand and cover more ground for you in an online setting.

  • Spend More Quality Time - Get the Most Out of Your Site

    What does it mean when we say "I should spend more quality time with..." in relation to friends and family? It means we want to spend out time wisely and end our day knowing we used our time with those important to us in the most meaningful way. The same goes for how much time you spend on your website and the quality of that time you spend. When you dedicate time to things like writing a blog entry or updating your products, you want to ensure you're not just going through the motions and doing just enough to get by. Make those content additions to your site be as good as they can be. Be sure to include keywords when writing articles and give your users the best descriptions and specifications you can. It is far easier to write your content right the first time rather than going back through your site and finding ways to fix it.

All in all, we hope you all have a wonderful new year and make your websites grow. At Anttix, we are happy to sit down with you anytime and discuss how we can help improve what you already have, or simply start anew. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation please call us at 877-426-8849 or click here to contact us.


Creating Content - Part I

Relavant Content

When assisting clients with content, Anttix strives to steer them in the right direction. Most of the time we handle a lot of content optimization behind the scenes, making sure it is displaying correctly, free of errors, and indexed properly for search engines. The rest of the burden lies with the client, who must supply the best possible version of their content they can including relative information, informative answers, and quality resources. This blog series aims to shed some light on both sides of the process, both from the developer and the client. The ultimate goal will be to help our readers create and publish quality content in the right way with and without our help. Let's begin this series with the first part of the process; what quality content is.

Quality Writing

Nothing beats quality content, but first you have to define what "quality" means. Having a professional copywriter helps, and will ultimately deliver the best version of your quality, but it has to start with the source. Quality content means the information is relevant and informative. The content has to relate to the website's overall subject matter and relay that information in a concise and readable manner. Good practices include less-is-more, where you convey only the relevant content and leave out the unnecessary details. The content should be written as your visitors want to read it, not how you want to say it. Think of your content as a conversation, where your visitors are standing right in front of you. If you speak too long-winded a few will drift off. If you say too little they will be left confused and will likely just leave. Find that middle ground and say just enough to get your point across. There will be plenty of time to share the rest of your information after they show interest.

Avoid Bad Content

Now that you know what good content is, it is time to know what to avoid. Bad content is irrelevant and hard to read. A popular article about the hottest toys this Christmas will do no good on an investment banking website, no matter how well it is written. At the same time, avoid over-using keywords and duplicating content. Search engines pick up on these bad practices and rank these sites very low. Each page of your site should be optimized for the keywords you wish to focus on, used naturally throughout the page. Jamming those keywords where they do not below will ultimately cost you ranking.

At times, some sites duplicate their content across multiple pages causing a huge hit to their rankings as well. Sometimes this is unintentional, due to similar products or services with duplicate copy on each of their pages. When duplicate content is necessary, META tags such as NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW can be used to avoid indexing the extra copies of the content, while they remain published and relevant to the site.

The Coveted Backlink

If you have paid any attention to best practices in search engine optimization in the past few years, I'm sure "backlinks" have been mentioned a few times. Backlinks, for those who are unfamiliar, are simply links from other sites back to yours. These backlinks create the appearance of relevance, making your site look more valid and current. The key to backlinks is their quality and relevance, just like your content. Backlinks from spamming websites, paid directories, and unrelated content sites will hurt you instead of help you. Backlinks should come from relevant sites such as social media, similar businesses and organizations, and partners that share your professional services. Because backlinks are still very viable and valuable with search engines, paying close attention to their sources are very important.

Accept the Help

At Anttix we aim for the highest level of professionalism and support. We practice due diligence with best practices, content writing techniques, and quality online marketing. Many clients believe they know what is best for their company and how best to say it, but do not be afraid to let a professional take the reigns of your content and drive it in the right direction. Ultimately it is always up to you, but our website design and marketing professionals have spent years researching and training in web content design so you don't have to. Trust your professionals and ask a lot of questions, to gain a better understand of why we do what we do.

If you have questions or would like help with your web content please contact Anttix today at (877) 429-3729 or click here to contact us.

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