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Web sites and subjects related to the medical field such as healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals, medical product sales, and physical therapy.

Hoover & Associates

hoover & associates home page

Hoover & Associates came to use with an existing Wordpress website that had a difficult time allowing the user to easily navigate the site while at the same time, it had no responsive properties for visibility on mobile devices. The primary focus of our project was to create a new responsive Wordpress theme with an organized, clean layout to the content. Upon completion of our project, Anttix did just that. The result was a website with the same content as before, including dozens of blog articles, with a cleaner and attractive site that now allowed easy viewing on any mobile device. While Anttix may not work with Wordpress primarily, the task was not beyond our reach. Rather, it created a unique challenge we enjoy tackling again and again.

Location: Tinley Park, IL

Eterna MedSpa

eterna medspa home page

Eterna MedSpa provides the Shorewood, IL area with excellent cosmetic and spa services. From the gentle care of their staff to their team of experienced and well-trained doctors they provide the highest level of attention for the beauty industry. Anttix strove to provide their newest site with beauty and a calming elegance while allowing quick and easy access to the vast array of products and services they offer. This website is a portal for users to begin feeling better about themselves and relaxing a whole lot more.

Location: Shorewood, IL

1st Choice Medical

1st choice medical home page

Since 2012 the physicians and medical professionals of First Choice Occupational Medicine in Naperville, Illinois opened their doors to provide a much-needed service to businesses and individuals within our community. Anttix provided a means of communication between their dedicated physicians and patients as well as companies looking for immediate services. This website allows patients to schedule appointments, learn more about 1st Choice, and gain valuable knowledge in the medical industry provided by 1st Choice themselves. While this medical facility should be your "first choice" their website provides you the first entry into their practice.

Location: Naperville, IL