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Web sites and subjects related to the safety of professionals and others including trainers, experts, OSHA, and certifications programs.

Vogel Safety

Vogel Safety Screenshot
Since 2003 Vogel Safety Services has consulted on safety issues and DOT certification with a sincere philophy of caring about their cusomters and their needs rather than their money. Steve Vogel has worked closely with Anttix over the years to improve and adapt his website to express those principals into the character of the company and the expert staff that now exists within its structure.

Safe Environment Corporation

Abatement Company Website Design

As an early project for Anttix, Safe Environment gave us the task of showcasing their abatement company in a professional and information-rich manner. By combining the use of a dynamic image gallery and service listing, we were able to present an attractive way of getting their information across to the user without overwhelming the visitors with confusing information and long blocks of text.

Location: Highland, IN

Louie Munn Services

louie munn services home page

Louie Munn Services is a respected leader in safety, loss control management, and regulatory compliance for the transportation and construction industries. At Anttix we assisted them with creating an online learning management system so they could reach farther and support more businesses with their essential and required services to more and more customers each year. The more we other can learn from Louie Munn via this responsive website, the better we have served our client.

Location: Hattiesburg, MS

1st Choice Medical

1st choice medical home page

Since 2012 the physicians and medical professionals of First Choice Occupational Medicine in Naperville, Illinois opened their doors to provide a much-needed service to businesses and individuals within our community. Anttix provided a means of communication between their dedicated physicians and patients as well as companies looking for immediate services. This website allows patients to schedule appointments, learn more about 1st Choice, and gain valuable knowledge in the medical industry provided by 1st Choice themselves. While this medical facility should be your "first choice" their website provides you the first entry into their practice.

Location: Naperville, IL