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Flashy Websites

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In the world of website design, ‘Flash’ is defined as vector-graphic animation technology. Simply put, it is a tool that permits movement of screen images, allowing an otherwise bland page to emit visual interest. The goal is to keep the visitor engaged enough to 1.)remember the business/organization, 2.)spend significant time at the site, and 3.)return to the site.

You are probably more familiar with Flash than you realize. If you have ever gone to a website and encountered images that move, change color, or morph in appearance when rolled over, you have witnessed the capabilities of Flash. Of course, just because a feature is able to perform a task does not necessarily mean it should.

How well Flash is incorporated can affect the entire personality of a website. The responsibility to use it appropriately falls to the website designer. Think back to various examples of Flash on web pages you have visited. They all caught your attention—some as intriguing and others as just plain annoying. Occasionally the ‘what were they thinking?’ question pops into mind. Sometimes a good idea on paper does not translate well onto the screen. A site owner may see Flash used on another site to revolve a carousel of pictures or produce a strobe effect, and decide he/she wants the same effect. While it is important to harness the energy of a great brainstorming session, once all ideas are on the table, only the best ones should be attempted. Of those, only one will be excellent enough to use in your website design.

What works for one website will rarely function in the same capacity for another site. Purpose and atmosphere must be taken into consideration. A reputable designer will be able to implement your ideas and remain faithful to your vision, but he/she will also suggest alternatives when it becomes apparent that a certain element of Flash will compromise the integrity or professionalism of the website. The end result will be an engaging product of which you are both proud. If you would like more information on Flash possibilities in website design, please contact an Anttix representative.