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Business happens quickly, without time or money to lose. To keep up with this pace, you want to keep your employees well informed and well connected-- to you, to each other, and to clients. Anttix is helping our clients meet this ongoing challenge by working with them to implement webinars.

A webinar, or web-based seminar, is a means of online communication that supports a presentation which simultaneously goes out to multiple participants in a workshop setting. Once participants log in, the format allows for discussion, feedback, and even breakout sessions, while watching a live web video. Responses or comments from participants are available to everyone else 'attending'. All graphics used during the presentation are also available.

Webinars should not be confused with webcasts. In the case of a webcast, a single transmission is made, excluding the ability to interact. The difference between a webinar and a webcast is like that between a telephone and a radio.

While presenters of webinars need a few specific tools, including appropriate software, participants need only a computer with internet access and a telephone to listen through. Most webinars work using VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology. Participants at a single geographic location can work together at one station such as a conference room, or work alone at separate computers.

Why might a webinar be an ideal solution for your business or institution? First consider the time involved. Do you want to lose your employees for two days to attend a workshop, or would it be easier to spare them for two hours? Even if your staff does not typically travel far, chances are they can get to a computer faster than they can get to a training facility. This goes for the presenter as well. Then think about the cost involved. When you are not expending dollars toward flights, gas, hotels, enrollment fees, and meals on the road, you free up funds for other needs. When cost is not a huge factor, your staff can always keep current with the trends in your industry. Speaking of employees, morale generally improves when a person is not burned out on business travel. Happier employees means happier customers. Finally, in today's environmentally-conscious world, webinars are just another small step a business can take to go a little greener. Eliminate some of your paper, and even a few vehicle emissions.

If you are spending too much time and money uniting workshop presenters and participants, contact Anttix. Webinars are an easier solution than you may think.