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Erotic Website Policy

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Over the past few months, Anttix has been approached a number of times with requests to build erotic websites. While there is no clear reason for this increasing trend, we would like to take this opportunity to review our policy.

Anttix is an established, highly skilled web design and development company. Our profile of clients is greatly varied, serving private businesses, the public sector, and several organizations. It is not our practice to judge the content of websites (outside of editing or marketing suggestions), however, we do maintain a line we will not cross. When it comes to blatant erotic or pornographic material, Anttix reserves the right to refuse any such project. Besides personal reasons for this decision, there are many necessary professional justifications.

Industry Standards-- While we would willingly refer customers desiring erotic website development to other companies, frankly, we do not know any that accept this type of work. Within the industry, such projects are generally regarded as inferior work that compromise the developer's reputation as a serious designer.

Commitment to Integrity-- Anttix stands on its reputation of integrity. Whether creating solutions to meet ever-changing technological demands, offering personalized customer service, or supporting our clients and business partners, we understand that websites that carry our name speak volumes about us.

Security Problems-- Building or hosting an erotic website is not as simple as constructing an ecommerce website. Companies that build/host pornographic websites on their servers invariably face additional security issues. Erotic websites are notorious for carrying malware and spam. In fact, we highly encourage customers to avoid these sites because of the heightened virus risk.

Legal Liabilities-- Given the nature of erotic websites, illegal content is often obtained and displayed. In such cases, the company who builds/hosts the website could also be held legally responsible. In short, any financial gain would be far outweighed by the legal risk.

Anttix recognizes and respects the diversity of website content, text, and images of the clients we serve. Likewise, we acknowledge the artistic role of the celebration of the human form within a proper and tasteful setting. In matters of erotic websites, however, we will always adhere to a policy that protects our clients as well as our reputation for integrity. That is why, when approached to create pornographic websites, we have always and will always offer an unapologetic, "no thanks!"