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About Anttix

Anttix Professional HistoryOur History

In 2005, southwest suburban Chicago programmer, designer, and entrepreneur Jason Richmond recognized a need in his community for a provider of a full range of computer services and website development, able to bring a personalized, client-focused touch to every professional encounter. Capitalizing on his years of technical experience and expertise, Richmond launched and incorporated Anttix. Since 2006, Anttix has been focused primarily on full-service, cutting-edge website design, development, hosting, and maintenance. Over a decade since our launch, Anttix, Inc. of Shorewood, IL has grown to be a trusted and reliable fixture of the community. Anttix has built a loyal and ever-expanding base of satisfied clients while consistently staying on top of the most groundbreaking technological advances in the field. Maintaining a foundation of honesty, compassion, integrity, and personalized service has built the Anttix name to what it is today.

An active Internet presence is an absolute must for any business or organization in this digital age, and Anttix is thriving. “Anttix has received an influx of website projects based solely on word of our expertise, and word of our high performance continues to spread,” says Jason. “Our portfolio proves our web designs as innovative, eye-catching, and just the right amount of interactivity to satisfy both our clients and especially our clients' visitors. From traditional to contemporary designs, and everywhere in-between, we're able to convey to users the unique personality of our diverse clientele."

When asked about his exponentially increasing customer base, again Jason is evident. "Most of our clientele come via referrals from satisfied customers." Ours is a truly full-service operation, capable of identifying, targeting, and meeting all of our clients’ design, hosting, and maintenance needs. Anttix-made websites are not static artifacts gathering dust in cyberspace; we produce dynamic projects that can adapt and evolve right along with our clients' businesses, optimized for user friendliness as consumers are empowered to add and update content themselves. With cutting edge search engine optimization and a host of other interactive features, we pave the way for a seamless transition from web design to marketing. Because Anttix utilizes the Drupal content management system to create thoroughly customized websites rather than relying on cookie cutter templates, our clients are consistently thrilled with the final product and eager to tell their friends and associates.

When it comes to taking the time to get to know our customers and their needs, Jason celebrates, "I love this side of the business. I remember years ago when I was starting out as a newly minted professional, fresh out of graduate school; it was a challenge to figure out my identity and how I wanted to present that to the public. My clients have similar difficulties, especially as new technologies evolve. Many times they don't even know what they want until we show them what a website is capable of."

If you are already an Anttix customer, we thank you. If you are considering becoming an Anttix customer, we look forward to meeting you and hope to establish a lasting relationship with you. If you don't fit either of the above categories, thank you for reading about us. We would be honored if you told all your friends about us.

More About Anttix

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