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Integrity Restorations

A screenshot of the Integrity Restorations Website
Anttix was tasked with upgrading a static HTML site and bringing it into a Drupal, a much more adaptable CMS(Content Management System). We took the existing site, made some slight tweaks, but retained the overall appearance, as well as brought the site up to Accessibility standards. The site features a portfolio of Integrity Restorations completed projects as well as a dynamic homepage scroller.
Location: Crest Hill, IL

Triune Logistics

Triune Logistics main page
Triune Logistics is a staffing and support team made up of experienced members. Triune needed a site that could display the services that they offer in an easy to view way so that companies and organizations can find the specific service that they need. A single page site, Triune displays its content in a pleasant and organized manner. The site also yields aces to multiple forms that employers may need for their employees.
Location: Bolingbrook, IL

Dow Insurance

 Dow Insurance front page
Dow is an experienced insurance company, with many members working in experience since 1945. Dow provides a wide array of insurance types, such as business, transportation, or even personal. With a skilled team of agents, Dow Insurance has your coverage needs. Anttix created a site with a dynamic front page that grabs the eye of the site's visitors, as well as quickly presenting an overview of the sites many insurance options.
Location: Lemont, IL