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Additional Services

While Anttix primarily focuses on developing websites, there are many other services necessary to maintain and grow your site. These are services we can either provide, manage, or refer to other professionals we know and trust. We believe in being the one-stop-shop for all our client's website needs, even if we cannot provide the services ourselves. We work directly with them on behalf of our clients to bridge the technology gap and make sure they get the service they deserve. Read below to learn about the additional services we can assist with.

Domain Registration

Domain RegistrationA great website begins with an even better domain name. Securing the name is the key to initiating the website development process. There are many companies that provide domain registration, but not all manage your domains in addition to finding new and better domains to serve your website.

Our customers choose Anttix domain services primarily for our customer service and personal domain management, which allows our clients to take a stress-free approach to their domain. With Anttix, you’ll always have a friendly tech expert on your side, who knows and understands your problems. If you want to transfer your domain from one registrar to another, or simply need help with your current registrar, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Secure Website HostingAnttix now partners with webClinic Pro to provide security and protection services for our clients. Secure hosting from webClinic Pro is included with all security packages. This service provides our clients with better protection from hackers and spammers. Even if you don't think you need website security, secure hosting provides an essential first line of defense against hacking attempts.

Hosting services are offered alongside the Prevention package from webClinic Pro, as well as all higher-level packages, ensuring each website has the required level of security. If you already have a hosting company or you wish to pursue hosting through another service, Anttix will work with your and your services to provide the best solution.

» For more information, click here to visit webClinic Pro's services

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Website Security

Website SecurityAt Anttix we recognize the importance of securing websites.To protect our client's sites, we have partnered with webClinic Pro, who specializes in security services for websites. If you cannot afford expensive IT staff or on-site web security professionals, webClinic Pro offers hands-on customer service and affordable security packages. Don't wait until it is too late, properly secure your site today.

» For more information on webClinic Pro services, click here.

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