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Adobe Flash

Flash & the Future of Web Content

In many of our projects, Anttix has used Flash to create what is called rich media content for websites. This highly interactive and visually appealing content is attractive to users' senses. At the same time, though, we have discouraged clients from using too much Flash content or building an entire site from Flash. We still maintain this advice as the excessive use of Flash has more drawbacks than ever.

Flashy Websites

In the world of website design, ‘Flash’ is defined as vector-graphic animation technology. Simply put, it is a tool that permits movement of screen images, allowing an otherwise bland page to emit visual interest. The goal is to keep the visitor engaged enough to 1.)remember the business/organization, 2.)spend significant time at the site, and 3.)return to the site.


Have you ever gone to a website and been impressed by the moving or changing pictures that greet you? Have you ever gone to a website and been annoyed by these same features? Flash is the program that makes this possible. Depending on design, it can be implemented as an entire website, or just part of a site. In some cases, the images are interactive, adding further interest for the viewer.