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Flash & the Future of Web Content

Adobe Flash

In many of our projects, Anttix has used Flash to create what is called rich media content for websites. This highly interactive and visually appealing content is attractive to users' senses. At the same time, though, we have discouraged clients from using too much Flash content or building an entire site from Flash. We still maintain this advice as the excessive use of Flash has more drawbacks than ever.

In the past, our main concerns regarding too much Flash were load times and search engine optimization. First and foremost, Flash files can be large and take a while to load. Small Flash files, such as rotating image animation, have insignificant load times, but websites created entirely in Flash can take several minutes to load. Site visitors never appreciate a long wait just to view your content. In addition, when it comes to search engines, they have no way to pull the information in a Flash movie for their content analysis. This can significantly impact a website's search engine ranking in a negative way.

While those reasons still apply, there is a new problem with using too much Flash. The growing interest in iPhones and iPads has seen Flash suffer with incompatibility issues with the device browsers. Even other smartphones struggle to integrate Flash players into their operating systems. The use of Flash in mobile technology is minimal at best.

So the question becomes, why use Flash at all? The truth is it may be in a rough patch, but it is not going away anytime soon. We do not want to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. When it comes to developing rich media content for websites, Flash is still dominant. New technologies, such as HTML 5 and Ajax are starting to catch up, so more and more options are available, but Flash still holds its place. In fact, Adobe, the developer of Flash, continues to create new and exciting content.

As for Anttix, we are dedicated to keeping up with all of the latest software, scripting, and technology in the industry to provide the best solutions to our clients. Whether Flash, HTML 5, or any other source of interactivity, we believe in using the right tool for the right job. If that tool is Flash, we will always approach its use with caution, good taste, and appropriateness.

If you have concerns about Flash on your website, please contact an Anttix representative to discuss it. We are happy to hear your thoughts and to share our advice.