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Maintaining a Great Website

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When we first launch a website for a client, there is a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. As time passes, however, site owners tend to take one of two paths. Some continue to update and add to the site on a regular basis, continually brainstorming new ideas to generate traffic. Others take a little less initiative. While everyone's level of comfort when dealing with website maintenance is different, there must be some interaction to keep the site fresh.

Anttix websites are, above all, dynamic. Simply put, they are fluidly designed to evolve easily. To make the most of this, owners must add/change content from time to time. This usually works best when one person is designated to perform this task. Then, to guarantee a continued response, it must be marketed. (See Anttix Antics, August 2008 for more marketing strategies.)

In addition, strongly consider updating your style every two or three years. This is where branding enters in. Think of a major brand, such as McDonald's. While the basic design remains the same, alterations in slogan, feel, and promotional focus take place every few years. While many of us can still recite the "Two all-beef patties..." song, imagine how it would have lost its charm if McDonald's was still using the same tired campaign! Apply this same principle to your business. Never get too comfortable in the notion that 'it is finished'. Instead, always look toward the next step up.

Finally, just as communicating with clients is important, so is communicating with Anttix. Be proactive in letting us know your needs, and we will provide solutions. If you are curious about a feature that you see on another website, ask us about it. Chances are, it is easier to incorporate than you may think. In appreciation of your business, we strive to make ourselves an ongoing resource to our clients