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Shorewood Web Design Firm Serious about Security

Website Security

In a recent Blog posting Google announced that they were getting serious about security.  

“Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption by default… We want to go even further. At Google I/O a few months ago, we called for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web.”

Remember in school when you would pass notes back and forth in class.  Often the note passed through many hands before reaching it’s destination.  The Internet is a lot like that.  Information from your website travels across the internet through many hands, so to speak, before reaching the user on the other end.  Most of the website information is passed as HTTP traffic, or unsecured traffic.  HTTPS is like putting your note in a lockbox, locking it with a key and passing it around the classroom to it’s destination.  Only you and the recipient have the key to open the safe.  This is most often used when making purchases online website, but is now encourage for all traffic.

In an effort to encourage webmasters and website owners to use HTTPS for all traffic, Google is giving a stronger signal to websites that use HTTPS.  Usually use of HTTPS is a “lightweight signal” and doesn’t have as much weight as content and backlinks.  However, Google is giving it a stronger weight now to encourage use.  This means that if you secure your entire website with HTTPS you’ll get better search engine rankings.  All of our Advanced Hosting packages come with CloudFlare service which provides an SSL Certificate and additional security.

Anttix, a Shorewood web design firm, is serious about security.  This year we have addressed the Heartbleed, Poodlebleed, and Drupal 7 vulnerabilities quickly.  You may have seen some of our previous correspondence about these vulnerabilities.  If you didn’t then here is what you need to know; we took care of it.  Now you can go back to working on your business without concern for your website security.

If you would like to upgrade your hosting or have questions about security please feel free to contact us.  Our website designers and developers like to talk about technology.  There is only so much that we can keep to ourselves here in Shorewood.