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Time For an Upgrade?

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Anttix insists on quality, and part of that quality is attained through the advanced software we use to create and maintain innovative websites. From time to time, the developers of our software send out updates, and we make it a priority to keep all updates current for maximum performance. Likewise, we recommend that all of our clients implement major or minor upgrades as necessary, particularly when making changes to their websites.

Major upgrades encompass changes to the core software and the way in which the site functions. When a site goes too long without a major upgrade, it is our responsibility to suggest one to the client. The upgrade is a way of introducing new, dynamic features to an older site. While this primarily modifies the administration end of the site, some upgrade releases improve the appearance of the site's face as well. New tools, structure changes, and enhanced user-friendliness result. As major upgrades take some time to complete, Anttix manages the transition so as not to interfere with site usage.

It is important to note that websites that never receive major upgrades risk having their software fall into 'legacy'. This condition occurs when an old version of the software gets permanently shelved and ignored by any further updates. At that point, the site must undergo a major upgrade in order to stay secure and stable.

Minor upgrades usually consist of fixes for security issues and newly discovered bugs, but no new features are added. Maintaining minor upgrades can go a long way in preventing disrepair, not unlike changing your car's oil on a regular basis. Minor updates can be done quickly and easily. When a client requests changes to his/her website, we often include the minor updates as a bonus service.

If you would like to know more about your website software version and whether or not your site might need an upgrade, feel free to give Anttix a call. Our representatives are happy to assist you.