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What Makes Anttix Great

Photo of Arthur Taylor, Blog Author

I vividly remember the first day that I walked into the office. It wasn't for my first day of work, but instead for my interview. I was quite nervous because this was my first "real" job. I wore a nice blazer with jeans and dress shoes, trying to be professional, but showed them I was down to earth. While I was walking through the doors, I never truly knew what to expect. The first thing I saw was a very simplistic office that spoke volumes to me. Artwork from astounding comic artists hung up on the wall in sleek matte black frames, colorful figures standing on the desks of the office. Everything about this place just screamed home. It felt like a place where I could be myself and enjoy the time that I spent there. That feeling remains today as I continue working at Anttix. The team members welcomed me into many conversations, introduced to various topics about shows and movies; it truly is a job that I had always dreamed of.

Probably one of my favorite things about Anttix is the work that we do. Anttix is a web development company, but our purpose goes further than that. Our goal is to develop websites and applications that are accessible to people with disabilities. Over one billion people worldwide have a disability of some kind. The internet has become almost a necessity to achieve our goals daily. With many websites out of reach for people with disabilities, the work we do here at Anttix makes me proud to be a part of pushing for a future of online equality. We build quality websites from scratch, with accessibility in mind from the very beginning. This philosophy and work ethic ensures that we do everything we can to secure that what we build so it can be used appropriately by as many people as possible.

Lastly, I would say the most significant thing about Anttix is the people. The people at Anttix have genuinely made this job a great one. I feel close to everyone with whom I work. Despite the current situation in the world, we still see each other during our morning meetings and have some good laughs. We also have time to trash talk to each other during our Thursday night gaming sessions. It's truly amazing to be surrounded by people who do their jobs so well and take them very seriously, but also know how to have a good time while doing it. I can say without a doubt that the people I work with make Anttix the great company that it is.