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Naperville, IL

Jalapeno Paint Werx

jalapeno paint werx home page

Jalapeno Paint Werx brings a unique flare to the interior and exterior residential painting industry. Their slogan "Spice up your space" reflects the color and vibrancy they try to bring to all of their projects. Their website could be no exception, and with an active blog and multitude of services we sought to deliver a beautiful and clean design to reflect their online presence. In the end, we worked no only with the client but directly with Jalapeno's marketing professional to ensure the customer got the website they wanted.

Location: Naperville, IL

1st Choice Medical

1st choice medical home page

Since 2012 the physicians and medical professionals of First Choice Occupational Medicine in Naperville, Illinois opened their doors to provide a much-needed service to businesses and individuals within our community. Anttix provided a means of communication between their dedicated physicians and patients as well as companies looking for immediate services. This website allows patients to schedule appointments, learn more about 1st Choice, and gain valuable knowledge in the medical industry provided by 1st Choice themselves. While this medical facility should be your "first choice" their website provides you the first entry into their practice.

Location: Naperville, IL