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Plainfield, IL

Since 2004, Anttix has served the Plainfield, Illinois area with a focus on customer service and a strong sense of community. In association with the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce, Anttix has sponsored such events as the Plainfield Harvest 5k, the Plainfield Business Expo, and our own Young Photographer's Contest to support the digital artists of the future. At the same time, Anttix has worked with several small businesses and organizations around Plainfield to provide quality websites and website services to help them grow. Plainfield is a growing city of new commerce and a strong sense of community, and at Anttix we hope to help them continue their positive growth.

Below you will find a few of the businesses we currently work with to build and grow their websites:

Premium Decking Supply

For over 60 years, Premium Decking Supply has been serving Plainfield and the Chicagoland area with professional service and personal assistance. From permits to construction, Premium Decking helps their clients from start to finish. With their website comes a vast array of high-end, affordable vendors supplying decking materials, railing, grills, fire tables, lighting, sunshades, furniture, and more. Each category is broken down into suppliers, including everything you need to know by each one's products.

Plainfield Expo

Plainfield's traditional and fruitful public business exhibition has been carefully and dynamically updates in 2015 to include all new features such as a current exhibit hall map, rotating sponsorship banner, and custom forms for collecting sponsor and registrant date. Anttix remains a sponsor of this event to both shows community support and keeps the site up to date to positively represent this valuable community event.

Plainfield Harvest 5k

A simple yet dignified informative website serving the sponsors of this annual charitable sporting event, this site allows our client to regularly make updates with ease and places interested parties in contact through efficient forms.

Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce

The Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC) is one of our more active clients, requiring on-call customer service and up-to-date features and designs for the website. This site serves as a high-traffic hub for persons seeking information about local businesses in the thriving and exponentially growing suburban community of Plainfield, Illinois. Users utilize this custom-crafted online platform for a full range of networking and inter-organizational needs.

Altrans Postal Solutions

Altrans Postal Solutions manages the large mailing needs of large companies in many different industries. Their website starts off as a brochure-style information portal conveying the service and industries the company accommodates. From there lies the future development of a client login for details about their shipping service and complex data they can access right from the website. This is an example of a two-sided website that serves both the public and private users, both in unique and creative ways.

Metro Animal Service

Established in 1974, Metro Animal Service is a family-owned Pet Crematorium located in rural Plainfield, IL. Metro has continued to grow for over thirty years with the high demand for a service that shows respect and care during a pet owner's time of need. Compassion and reverence for pet owners and their beloved pets drive Metro Animal Service every day, and personal attention to detail and a long-term staff is what makes them a valued institution in Plainfield.