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Shorewood, IL

Hawkeye Energy Solutions

Energy Company Website Design

Hawkeye Energy Solutions supplies unique and comprehensive energy services to its clients, and their website should be no different. With a custom responsive design and over a dozen individual content pages, this site brings all of its important energy-saving information to the visitors without a confusing menu system and buried content.

Location: Shorewood, IL

Eterna MedSpa

eterna medspa home page

Eterna MedSpa provides the Shorewood, IL area with excellent cosmetic and spa services. From the gentle care of their staff to their team of experienced and well-trained doctors they provide the highest level of attention for the beauty industry. Anttix strove to provide their newest site with beauty and a calming elegance while allowing quick and easy access to the vast array of products and services they offer. This website is a portal for users to begin feeling better about themselves and relaxing a whole lot more.

Location: Shorewood, IL

Community Chiropractic Centers

community chiropractic home page

Community Chiropractic Centers is a Shorewood-based Chiropractor that focuses on convenient service without requiring long-term treatment plans. Working with an active video-blogging client, Anttix built a custom video gallery that integrates with the customer's YouTube playlist and automatically displays the entire video blog on the site.

Location: Shorewood, IL