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C. Keller Manufacturing, Inc.

C. Manufacturing Website
C. Keller Manufacturing, Inc. is a precision metal fabrication company creating quality products since 1986. Their website was customized and geared towards one specific audience, those who know who they are but may not know everything that C. Keller can do. A big part of what Anttix does is getting to know our clients and building sites around our client's specific needs. This site is simple, clean, and built to let C. Keller's know the impressive array of machine work they are capable of.
Location: Villa Park, IL

Lemont Township

Lemont Township Screenshot
Lemont Township is one of 29 townships in Cook County, Illinois that provide services to residents such as Assessor's Assistance, Handicap Assistance, Home Delivered Meals, Dial-a-Ride assistance, Emergency Aid, and much more. The custom website built by Anttix provides multiple features to allow residents and visitors access to content related to all Lemont Township services with as much ease and usability as possible. Event calendars, file downloads, images gallery, and contact forms are featured throughout the site for a full array of exploration into the Township's many amenities and information. Whether you live in Lemont Township or wish to visit, the website is the perfect portal to visit.
Location: Lemont, IL

Bannon Associates

bannon associates home page

In developing this informative website for a global leader in church fundraising and resource management consulting, Anttix meticulously organized three decades' worth of data to provide users with the relevant information they need. Anttix developed a visual scheme that conveyed the established, professional competence of Bannon while invoking the faith-based spirit of their services.

Location: Joliet, IL

What Is Drupal?

Drupal Developers

When we build websites for our clients, we openly and proudly explain that we build all of our websites on the Drupal platform. For some of those clients, this has little to no meaning. There is no fault for this, as this can be a technical aspect that mostly matters to developers but it never hurts to understand what is powering your website and why. More importantly, it can be good to comprehend why Anttix chooses Drupal over other platforms and how it might benefit you.

Drupal is an open source CMS, or Content Management System, for website design and development. Open source means no one person or entity owns the code; it is open to a vast community of developers to improve and secure. Content Management systems take a lot of the heavy lifting programming out of the picture and control the content using a database where it writes and recalls the content of your site as needed. With a content management system comes a myriad of features and benefits to deliver that content in the best way possible. All of which can be wrapped in any design the website owner prefers, whether it be a template or custom.

Many other web design CMS platforms exist for the same purpose, such as WordPress and Joomla. However, both serve a very specific and sometimes limited purpose. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS for delivering straightforward, essential content such as blog websites. The reason Anttix chooses to be a "Drupal House" is because of the sheer flexibility of the platform. Any type of content can be custom created such as image galleries, staff directories, product listings, events, and even specialized for-sale services. There are even powerful plug-in options for integrating shopping cards and learning management systems. The bottom line is that Drupal is a widely supported and nearly unlimited resource for building the exact kind of website our client's needs.

The next important piece to understand about a CMS website design with Drupal is that it can be in a constant state of improvement, whether it be new features or critical security updates. If any version of Drupal is compromised by hackers, you can be sure a secured version may already be available. At Anttix we pay particular attention to these updates and try to both protect and inform our clients when necessary or preferred updates occur. The advantage to this is your website doesn't have to be rebuilt from the ground up when it is time for that important update, it can simply be improved and ready to go. With the newest version of Drupal, Drupal 8, you can even bridge the gap between a website and powerful online applications. The Drupal Community can and will continue to grow more and more every day.

For more information on a Drupal website and available features gives Anttix a call today at 877-426-8849 or click here to contact us.