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Comprehensive Development

Professional Website DevelopmentBreak Free of the Template

Template websites are very common these days, and they certainly serve a particular purpose. A template website allows you to plug content into preset areas to get a quick and easy website live in minutes. This simplicity makes templates frequently used serving the general purposes of small, non-profit websites. However, when it comes to websites for everything from small businesses to large organizations, the need for more specialized content and personalized areas becomes more important than quick and easy. At the very least, these firms and groups deserve a unique website with their brand and style. This is where Anttix comes in, providing a comprehensive website built from the ground up to meet our client's specific needs. This is the Anttix difference.

If your business or organization is not an unattractive and unimportant entity, then your websites shouldn't be either. A website is an investment, one that should require time and effort along with the financial expense. Make your website stand out amongst the rest, whether they be a competitor or another template site that looks exactly like yours. Once your website is unique, you can shape it to fit your content your way and serve your visitors unique content with ease and flexibility. After all, your website should be designed around your visitors and not the other way around.

Some examples of unique content you can share on your website are:

  • Dynamic document sharing for visitors to download your forms and information
  • Staff directories with personal contact forms organized by department
  • Video integration for active visitor communication
  • Custom eCommerce solutions including event ticket sales and digital products
  • Much, much more