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Content Management System

Lighthouse Insulation

Lighthouse Insulation specializes in Spray-Foam Insulation and provides custom and effective insulation solutions. The website is a simple and clean design for easy reading and navigating. The front page displays all the necessary information including a featured blog snippet and contact details, while the interior pages go into greater details for visitors that wish to learn more.

Joliet First Assembly

First Assembly of God in Joliet, Illinois is a diverse, multi-generational church.  The church was started over 30 years ago on the east side of Joliet and is of the largest churches in the Joliet area. To capture the vibrant energy and large congregation the church serves, Anttix created custom slideshows and page headers to capture the visitor on each and every page. With custom areas and deep-rooted structure throughout the site, the website brings its strong sense of faith and worship to those that visit them online, as well as the services at the church.

Jalapeno Paint Werx

Jalapeno Paint Werx brings a unique flare to the interior and exterior residential painting industry. Their slogan "Spice up your space" reflects the color and vibrancy they try to bring to all of their projects. Their website could be no exception, and with an active blog and multitude of services we sought to deliver a beautiful and clean design to reflect their online presence. In the end, we worked no only with the client but directly with Jalapeno's marketing professional to ensure the customer got the website they wanted.

What Is Drupal?

When we build websites for our clients, we openly and proudly explain that we build all of our websites on the Drupal platform. For some of those clients, this has little to no meaning. There is no fault for this, as this can be a technical aspect that mostly matters to developers but it never hurts to understand what is powering your website and why. More importantly, it can be good to comprehend why Anttix chooses Drupal over other platforms and how it might benefit you.

This Old Drupal House

Among web development companies, Anttix is referred to as a 'Drupal house'. Drupal is an open source content management system that is used to build websites. Mostly written in PHP scripting language, the Drupal framework can easily support multimedia, event calendars, social networking, customized page layouts, forums, user management, and permission features. It facilitates the development of large, complex websites and offers unique aspects unavailable through any other comparable solution.