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Custom Design

Triune Logistics

Triune Logistics main page
Triune Logistics is a staffing and support team made up of experienced members. Triune needed a site that could display the services that they offer in an easy to view way so that companies and organizations can find the specific service that they need. A single page site, Triune displays its content in a pleasant and organized manner. The site also yields aces to multiple forms that employers may need for their employees.
Location: Bolingbrook, IL

Airhart Construction

Airhart Construction Screenshot
Airhart Construction is a contractor and construction set apart from the rest. With a series of expert teams, Airhart provides a series of custom model homes and developments. Their custom websites offer a window into these properties with interactive maps, custom galleries, and carefully designed content areas to beautifully display their work for potential homeowners to see.
Location: Warrenville, IL

Lemont Township

Lemont Township Screenshot
Lemont Township is one of 29 townships in Cook County, Illinois that provide services to residents such as Assessor's Assistance, Handicap Assistance, Home Delivered Meals, Dial-a-Ride assistance, Emergency Aid, and much more. The custom website built by Anttix provides multiple features to allow residents and visitors access to content related to all Lemont Township services with as much ease and usability as possible. Event calendars, file downloads, images gallery, and contact forms are featured throughout the site for a full array of exploration into the Township's many amenities and information. Whether you live in Lemont Township or wish to visit, the website is the perfect portal to visit.
Location: Lemont, IL

Plainfield Expo

Business Expo Website

Plainfield's traditional and fruitful public business exhibition has been carefully and dynamically updates in 2015 to include all new features such as a current exhibit hall map, rotating sponsorship banner, and custom forms for collecting sponsor and registrant date. Anttix remains a sponsor of this event to both shows community support and keeps the site up to date to positively represent this valuable community event.

Location: Plainfield, IL

Duke's Landscaping

Landscaping Website Design

This brochure-style website was custom-designed for a local small business specializing in residential and commercial landscaping. Particular attention was paid to designing a color scheme and carefully choosing images to create a user interface which inspires viewers to imagine beautiful landscape possibilities and not only assert but demonstrate Duke's expertise in the field.

Location: Crest Hill, IL

Altrans Postal Solutions

Communication Website Design
Altrans Postal Solutions manages the large mailing needs of large companies in many different industries. Their website starts off as a brochure-style information portal conveying the service and industries the company accommodates. From there lies the future development of a client login for details about their shipping service and complex data they can access right from the website. This is an example of a two-sided website that serves both the public and private users, both in unique and creative ways.
Location: Plainfield, IL

Infographics Illustrated

How to use infographics

Recently you may have heard the term "Infographic" thrown around a lot in business. Some of you may have heard of it and even implemented your own for your company. Others may have never heard of them at all. This article aims to cover all the bases, from what Infographics are, why to use them, and how to get them as soon as possible.

What is an Infographic?

How to get InfographicsAn Infographic is simply a marketing piece that explains how something works or illustrates a complicated process with graphic images and minimal text. They may be a one-sheet print or a long, scrolling website image. They are not just graphs or charts either; they can illustrate large portions of business almost the way a newspaper cartoon tells most of its story with art. See the sample Infographic attached to this article for example.

Why use Infographics?

Infographics allow us to explain very complicated systems without having to explain confusing charts and figures. They aim to break down a process into its simplest form, which lets others relate to it a lot faster. In turn, they force us to think of our business systems in a more straightforward fashion which can increase sales awareness and viability of a product or service.

In addition to the valuable purpose of an Infographic, they are incredibly searchable and shareable. Useful Infographics can be viable for years, being passed from user to the user who feels it may be helpful to others. Just like words on a page, Infographics are searchable and indexable for lasting marketing power. Never underestimate the sustainability of your info in the graphic form, it may outlast all of the text-based content you can muster year to year.

How do I get Infographics for my company?

The simplest answer is to contact a marketing firm or graphic design/web design company, such as Anttix. Start by outlining the purpose of your Infographic. What do you want to explain and who do you want to reach? Working with talented and dedicated professionals who are familiar with Infographics will allow you to set objectives clearly and attain the type of Infographic your company needs. Infographics may be more complicated to design and build than your standard one-sheet or logo, but their benefit will last and last.