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Custom Responsive Designs

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Website DesignResponsive design ensures that your website will look perfect regardless of what device the viewer is visiting it on. With so many devices and screen sizes available, a website has to adapt all content to accommodate the viewer. Mobile devices dominate the majority of website visits, so a responsive design is necessary for a great user experience.

At Anttix, we provide responsive designs using the latest web technology and development. Before launching a new or updated website, it will undergo several tests to ensure all common screen resolutions are catered to, and no content is lost or misrepresented.

Here are some features you can expect from an Anttix responsive design:

  • Scalable drop down menus
  • Wide-format content can be formatted into columns for easy mobile scrolling
  • Deep linked phone numbers
  • Image galleries will convert to swipeable photos for easy touchscreen viewing
  • Increased font size for readability

Talk with an Anttix representative to learn how responsive design can serve your website.
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