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Triune Logistics is a staffing and support team made up of experienced members. Triune needed a site that could display the services that they offer in an easy to view way so that companies and organizations can find the specific service that they need. A single page site, Triune displays its content in a pleasant and organized manner. The site also yields aces to multiple forms that employers may need for their employees.
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Website Trend Awards

custom website design

As Oscar and Emmy season approaches we at Anttix decided to give our own awards to website trends you, the World Wide Web visitors, have embraced so far in 2014. We call attention to these trends as signs of things to come and smart moves for all website owners to take moving into the next year. Don't confuse trends for gimmicks and fly-by-night ideas, these practices are here to stay and have a very positive effect on your website.

Mobile Sites Out / Responsive Sites In

Several months ago Anttix embraced the idea of "mobile first" putting the visibility of websites on mobile sites at the front of our minds. Buildings sites that responded well to different sized devices was our top priority. This does not mean ignoring the desktop viewers, but rather paying more attention to the devices a majority of web users viewed websites with. During our research we found a responsive site, or rather a site that keeps the same content but changes to accommodate the screen size, was highly favored over the early days of the stand-alone mobile websites. Users simply did not want a different experience from the mobile version of a website than they did from the desktop. The only time a mobile website seemed feasible was for the development of an app that served a very specific purpose. As most clients did not require apps, responsive was the way to go and will be for some time to come.

Flat Design

As sites grew flashier and bolder we stay an influx of 3d and "pop off the page" designs to catch the user’s attention. With the introduction of Windows 8 and iOS7 we saw that trend scale back and favor a flat and simple layout. These types of designs are less distracting, cleaner, and become much easier to navigate. Often time we adopt the old adage "less is more" and concentrate on professional looks that are both simplistic and attractive. So far the industry leaders in interface design such as Microsoft™ and Apple™ must agree, spreading the trend of flat design across multiple platforms and websites.


These programming languages may not be familiar to everyone but what they do mean to all website owners is faster websites with cleaner functions. Taking advantage of these new web programming technologies means fewer need for images and bulky scripts that weigh down websites and cause compatibility issues across browsers and devices. HTML5 and CSS3 strive for impressive website designs and animations powered by technology supported across the entire gamut of web services. While trends like Flash-based websites have all but died out the newer HTML5 and CSS3 websites are only growing.

Less Text, More Real Content

Search engines like Google only get smarter by the minute. The results are fewer black hat content spamming techniques doing any good for website that employ them. Instead, sites with clean and honest content with proper use of keywords get higher rankings for all the right reasons. Search engines actually learn what good content is and what is bad and use that knowledge to support all good websites across the board. The end result is their users getting the results they want, not what gets forced on them.

Video For Everyone

Not only does mobile technology make it easier and easier to take and share videos right from your mobile phone but in conjunction content distribution networks (CDNs) like YouTube™ and Vimeo™ make it even easier to host and share your videos as well. More and more videos are shared across the web each day for everything from DIY home improvement to greater music video sharing than MTV (past and especially present). These simple video tools allow website owners to share commercials, advertisements, promos, and trailers from sales to charity events. On top of it all, YouTube is one of the leading social media sharing websites ranking up there with Twitter and Facebook. This means video can be one of the greatest tools to drive traffic to your website.

Want to learn more about these trends and how they might apply to your website? Give us a call at 877-426-8849 or email us here.