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Net Neutrality

The Fight for Net Neutrality

Recently Anttix posted an article from Gizmodo regarding the President’s request to the FCC to declare the Internet as a public utility, much like water and electricity. This is a grand stride towards Net Neutrality, something Anttix is passionate about in the field of web design and internet services. Net Neutrality is the principal that all Internet service providers (ISPs) should provide all data equally and not charge differently depending on subscribers and content providers.

Neutralizing the Net

The term 'net neutrality' is unfamiliar to most people, even though it may affect their access to certain aspects of the internet. The underlying principle states that internet user access networks should support restriction-free content, websites, platforms, kinds of equipment that may be attached, and modes of communication. In other words, your internet service provider (Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) should not be able to restrict you from accessing content outside of their networks.