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Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce

Web Design Plainfield

The Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC) is one of our more active clients, requiring on-call customer service and up-to-date features and designs for the website. This site serves as a high-traffic hub for persons seeking information about local businesses in the thriving and exponentially growing suburban community of Plainfield, Illinois. Users utilize this custom-crafted online platform for a full range of networking and inter-organizational needs. PACC is an active and expansive organization, frequently launching special events and unique opportunities for the private and commercial community, and this website shoulders all of their needs by providing easy access to all information with an attractive design to ease the user through the browsing experience.

Dynamic features of this site include a photo gallery, blog articles, and a member directory powered by the Chamber Master™ third party software. Anttix will employ the use of trusted third party software when one exists to fit the exact needs of our distinguished clientele, saving them money and time that custom programming would ultimately cost them.

Overall, we enjoy the close customer relationship with the Chamber and the services we can provide. This relationship has led to some surprising and fulfilling community involvement opportunities, including an Anttix-led collaboration between our company, PACC, and the Plainfield Public High School District, the Young Photographers Contest, the end product of which can be seen in the opening slide show of Plainfield photographs on the PACC site.

Location: Plainfield, IL