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Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce

Featuring... Plainfield

Anttix is pleased to feature the local town of Plainfield, Illinois this month. During the past decade, Plainfield has experienced a population explosion that initiated with the sale of many area farms. This made way for a large number of new subdivisions, and savvy developers took note. As young families and exurbanites took root, the face of Plainfield's once agricultural heritage began to change. In less than a generation, the town grew from 13,000 to over 40,000 residents.

Anttix Partners With Community

From website design for small and medium-sized businesses, to efficient applications for entire school districts, Anttix provides the quality internet presence that the region demands. Anttix also understands that, in order to return client loyalty, a business must give back to its community. This has been a key component of the Anttix mission since the company's inception. Most recently, Anttix showed its support for the Plainfield area by becoming an emerald sponsor in the Edward Plainfield Harvest 5K Run.