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Powerful Website Platforms

Content Management SystemsAt Anttix we often talk about platforms and framework, but what does that mean? A platform or framework is like the foundation and frame of a house. With a sturdy structure, a house will stand strong. Websites are very similar. With a solid framework, content can be created and delivered to users easily.

Anttix primarily works with Drupal, a content management system that allow us to build scalable, versatile websites with dynamic features and secure structures. This makes it possible to create everything from simple brochure websites to large website applications.

While we tackle the advanced programming capabilities, our customers can utilize a simple interface to update their content without writing code or having programming knowledge. Best of all, Drupal is proudly open source. This means it is powered by a global team of thousands of developers who grow and maintain the software while presenting no expensive costs to the client. By removing the software cost, we can concentrate our efforts on building powerful content management features.

In addition to Drupal, some website owners prefer WordPress or other content management systems (CMS). Anttix can provide services for WordPress and an array of other platforms as needed. If you have an existing CMS or would prefer one other than Drupal, we can certainly accommodate those needs.

Some benefits of a CMS are:

  • Simple user interface for updating content
  • Database-driven content management
  • Ability to build powerful features and versatile content modules
  • Secure backend software to help prevent hacking
  • Rapid data exchange
  • Scaleable and manageable websites