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Responsive Design

Sage Construction

Sage Construction Website
Sage Constructions designs and builds beautiful renovations for people's homes every day, with unique designs that people design. The only problem was they did not have a website that reflected their own unique quality and professionalism. A website, in many ways, is like a custom home. From its foundation to its custom touches, it reflects the people who live in it similarly to how a website reflects its owner. Anttix built Sage Construction a new website around their specific needs and focus, with custom pieces and bold new displays of their outstanding work. Their website is now a place they can be happy to live in for a long time.
Location: New Lenox, IL

New Year - New Site!

Website Redesign

Each and every year we learn something new about web design, development, marketing, and security. As new projects come along, we apply these new techniques, standards, and practices to make sure all of our sites are as current as possible. These upgrades include new and innovative styles along with exciting new technology breakthroughs and the latest versions of software offering exciting new features. If time and cost permitted we would update every site we maintain as often as possible, but to conserve both of those valuable resources we revisit a website every three years or so. There are few things we enjoy more than updating and restyling a site we created for a client, much like renovating a home or detailing a car. When it comes down to it, newer is better.

So when it comes to our website, we are no exception. Our website contains many of the same features and all of the same quality as the websites we create for our clients. We believe in practicing what we preach, so we revisit our website from time to time and rebuild it with new features, content, and a brand new design. It is also an excellent way to show our client's examples of website styles and features we use ourselves, that they may, in turn, apply them to their projects. If a function or design is good enough for our clients, it is certainly good enough for us.

That being said, this new website includes a dynamic video background feature, a newly updated and categorized portfolio, a current and recently updated list of comprehensive website services, updated blog article section, and integrated support. All of this content is packaged into a new responsive design with easy access to all available content. We are proud to bring all of this to our new and existing clients and hopefully inspire them to renew their site in this new year.

To learn more, browse your way through our new site and find out what we have in store for 2017!


Lamoine Property Management

lamoine properties home page

Lamoine Properties is a property management company for affordable housing rental communities. Their website showcases available rental properties, including floor plans and location maps. Potential tenants can fill out a webform to submit a rental application, and existing residents can submit maintenance requests through the site.

Location: Orland Park, IL

Hawkeye Energy Solutions

Energy Company Website Design

Hawkeye Energy Solutions supplies unique and comprehensive energy services to its clients, and their website should be no different. With a custom responsive design and over a dozen individual content pages, this site brings all of its important energy-saving information to the visitors without a confusing menu system and buried content.

Location: Shorewood, IL

King's Landscaping Co.

Landscaping Company Website Design

Anttix enjoys working with clients who provide natural and beautiful creative work such as King's Landscaping in Hinsdale, Illinois. Our goal was to reflect the beauty and skill of their outstanding work in exterior design. Soft, natural earth tones enhance the vast array of content such as a long list of services, client testimonials, and multiple portfolio galleries.

Location: Hinsdale, IL

Safe Environment Corporation

Abatement Company Website Design

As an early project for Anttix, Safe Environment gave us the task of showcasing their abatement company in a professional and information-rich manner. By combining the use of a dynamic image gallery and service listing, we were able to present an attractive way of getting their information across to the user without overwhelming the visitors with confusing information and long blocks of text.

Location: Highland, IN

Plainfield Expo

Business Expo Website

Plainfield's traditional and fruitful public business exhibition has been carefully and dynamically updates in 2015 to include all new features such as a current exhibit hall map, rotating sponsorship banner, and custom forms for collecting sponsor and registrant date. Anttix remains a sponsor of this event to both shows community support and keeps the site up to date to positively represent this valuable community event.

Location: Plainfield, IL

Plainfield Harvest 5k

5k Event Website Design

A simple yet dignified informative website serving the sponsors of this annual charitable sporting event, this site allows our client to regularly make updates with ease and places interested parties in contact through efficient forms.

Location: Plainfield, IL

Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce

Web Design Plainfield

The Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC) is one of our more active clients, requiring on-call customer service and up-to-date features and designs for the website. This site serves as a high-traffic hub for persons seeking information about local businesses in the thriving and exponentially growing suburban community of Plainfield, Illinois. Users utilize this custom-crafted online platform for a full range of networking and inter-organizational needs. PACC is an active and expansive organization, frequently launching special events and unique opportunities for the private and commercial community, and this website shoulders all of their needs by providing easy access to all information with an attractive design to ease the user through the browsing experience.

Dynamic features of this site include a photo gallery, blog articles, and a member directory powered by the Chamber Master™ third party software. Anttix will employ the use of trusted third party software when one exists to fit the exact needs of our distinguished clientele, saving them money and time that custom programming would ultimately cost them.

Overall, we enjoy the close customer relationship with the Chamber and the services we can provide. This relationship has led to some surprising and fulfilling community involvement opportunities, including an Anttix-led collaboration between our company, PACC, and the Plainfield Public High School District, the Young Photographers Contest, the end product of which can be seen in the opening slide show of Plainfield photographs on the PACC site.

Location: Plainfield, IL

Joliet Area Historical Museum

Web Design Joliet

The Joliet Area Historical Museum is a proud institution of learning, history, and fun for the Joliet area. In addition to excellent exhibits on the history of Joliet they also sponsor events including Music Festivals all summer along and even a craft beer tasting. The dedicated professionals of the museum allowed us to work with them to improve their current site while preserving the information they already put forth. Also, we have worked closely with them to improve their sponsorship exposure and online ticket sales to bring their website up to the next level.

Location: Joliet, IL

Gantzert Investment Company

Investment Firm Website Design

Gantzert Investment Company provides registered SEC investment advice for clients in the Joliet, IL area since 1996. In addition to providing a strong internet presence for the company, Anttix put together custom content to accommodate files, 3rd party links, and information to their clients with relative ease. Working in conjunction with the invest firm's security and IT company, Anttix was able to complete the site relatively quickly and get Gantzert started with an SEO-friendly site.

Location: Joliet, IL

Duke's Landscaping

Landscaping Website Design

This brochure-style website was custom-designed for a local small business specializing in residential and commercial landscaping. Particular attention was paid to designing a color scheme and carefully choosing images to create a user interface which inspires viewers to imagine beautiful landscape possibilities and not only assert but demonstrate Duke's expertise in the field.

Location: Crest Hill, IL

Jalapeno Paint Werx

jalapeno paint werx home page

Jalapeno Paint Werx brings a unique flare to the interior and exterior residential painting industry. Their slogan "Spice up your space" reflects the color and vibrancy they try to bring to all of their projects. Their website could be no exception, and with an active blog and multitude of services we sought to deliver a beautiful and clean design to reflect their online presence. In the end, we worked no only with the client but directly with Jalapeno's marketing professional to ensure the customer got the website they wanted.

Location: Naperville, IL

Hoover & Associates

hoover & associates home page

Hoover & Associates came to use with an existing Wordpress website that had a difficult time allowing the user to easily navigate the site while at the same time, it had no responsive properties for visibility on mobile devices. The primary focus of our project was to create a new responsive Wordpress theme with an organized, clean layout to the content. Upon completion of our project, Anttix did just that. The result was a website with the same content as before, including dozens of blog articles, with a cleaner and attractive site that now allowed easy viewing on any mobile device. While Anttix may not work with Wordpress primarily, the task was not beyond our reach. Rather, it created a unique challenge we enjoy tackling again and again.

Location: Tinley Park, IL

Bannon Associates

bannon associates home page

In developing this informative website for a global leader in church fundraising and resource management consulting, Anttix meticulously organized three decades' worth of data to provide users with the relevant information they need. Anttix developed a visual scheme that conveyed the established, professional competence of Bannon while invoking the faith-based spirit of their services.

Location: Joliet, IL


ahdvs home page image

AHDVS is a developer of affordable housing communities for families, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Anttix worked tirelessly with AHDVS management to craft website content and build a simple structure to allow visitors to quickly and easily absorb the information from multiple properties. At Anttix, we look forward to having a close relationship with our clients to provided exactly what they need.

New Year's Resolutions

New Years Goals

As we approach the new year, some of us have begun planning our New Year's resolutions. Its those little bad habits and fruitful goals we plan to do something about when a fresh start rolls around. Sometimes we simply stop doing bad things like fast food or start doing good things like exercising more. Either way, we aim to be better people in the coming year and grow instead of stand still or decline.

The same idea of resolution could be applied to your website. Maybe it is time to revisit your site and explore how to make it grow in the new year. Lets talk about some "website resolutions" that can give your online presence a fresh start in the new year.

  • Lose Weight - Shed Your Bad Content

    In many cases bad content can weigh our sites down and hurt their search engine rankings. Be sure to remove any duplicate content on your site, or make sure it is not longer indexed by search engines. If you have old content that simply does not apply to your business or represents a service you no longer apply, get rid of it. You do not want to be found for irrelevant content or give your visitors the wrong impression. Give your web content a good review.

  • Try a New Look - Redesign & Respond

    It may be time to update your site to a new, modern look or simply apply best practices such as responsiveness to your current site. It may even be time to start from scratch and try a whole new direction. Either way, websites need new attention every few years so ask yourself "Is my website due for a makeover?" Web design is an ever-growing profession that we try to stay on the edge of for our client's sake, so lean on web professionals like Anttix to let you know what your site could evolve into.

  • Get a New Hobby - Add Something New to Your Site

    While some learn an instrument or try sewing in the new year, businesses can consider adding on new and exciting features to their website. Perhaps now is the time to add an eCommerce solution to your site, or maybe you would like to integrate some of your communication software into your core pages. The goal is to see your website as an evolving entity that can expand and cover more ground for you in an online setting.

  • Spend More Quality Time - Get the Most Out of Your Site

    What does it mean when we say "I should spend more quality time with..." in relation to friends and family? It means we want to spend out time wisely and end our day knowing we used our time with those important to us in the most meaningful way. The same goes for how much time you spend on your website and the quality of that time you spend. When you dedicate time to things like writing a blog entry or updating your products, you want to ensure you're not just going through the motions and doing just enough to get by. Make those content additions to your site be as good as they can be. Be sure to include keywords when writing articles and give your users the best descriptions and specifications you can. It is far easier to write your content right the first time rather than going back through your site and finding ways to fix it.

All in all, we hope you all have a wonderful new year and make your websites grow. At Anttix, we are happy to sit down with you anytime and discuss how we can help improve what you already have, or simply start anew. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation please call us at 877-426-8849 or click here to contact us.


Behind the Design

custom website design

During the past several months Anttix has spoken quite a bit about Responsive Design and how we have entirely adopted this method of design to accommodate all devices our websites may be viewed on. It has already become very clear to our clients that their website is not just viewed on desktop computers but phones and tablets as well. In most cases the mobile devices are used to view these websites more often than anything else. While many of you may now understand what responsive design are you may not know what Anttix puts into our process to make these websites possible and ensure the best quality we can. This article delves into the behind-the-scenes of our design process and sheds some light on the method to our madness.

The first step involves finding the important aspects of a site's design to our client. We are not template developers who simply give our clients pre-designed options and cookie-cutter designs. Instead, we work closely with the client to determine what is important to them. We find the proper menus, bold images, and crucial content areas for their business, organization, or group. When that is determined we can design around those important areas and determine the best way to highlight them. Once the design is approved we can move on to the next stage of the process.

In our next phase we begin the complex process of "build-out." The build-out process brings everything to life, coding and developing images for the final, functioning website or application project. This involves complicated scripts, special resources, and custom-designed images that make the one-of-kind sites our clients ask for. The build-out process lets us trouble-shoot problem areas and built interactive features that grab the attention of the targeted users. There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly functioning website and we strive for that never to happen.

Lastly, but certainly not least, comes the Quality Assurance (QA) portion of our process. This is arguably the most important part of our process, as it locates any problems or overlooked items before the site/application goes live. The QA process involves a broken link check, a W3C web standards compliance check, spelling and grammar checks, performance enhancements for speed and quality, and much more. In addition to these QA steps, a full responsive check has to be done to ensure the sites work with many devices. Just testing on one desktop, one Smartphone, and one type of tablet is not enough. At Anttix we test on 7" and 10" android tablets, Apple iPads generation 2 and above, multiple Smartphone resolutions and other tricky sizes just to be sure. By no means can we cover all ground when it comes to the every-changing mobile device world, but we certainly do our best to test as many as possible.

In the end, we deliver a website or web-based application we are proud of. We have no interest in pushing out products at a rapid pace just for payment.  We deliver high-end service we can stand behind, at an affordable rate. Quality over quantity will always win for Anttix and our client's in the end.