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Responsive Website

Airhart Construction

Airhart Construction Screenshot
Airhart Construction is a contractor and construction set apart from the rest. With a series of expert teams, Airhart provides a series of custom model homes and developments. Their custom websites offer a window into these properties with interactive maps, custom galleries, and carefully designed content areas to beautifully display their work for potential homeowners to see.
Location: Warrenville, IL

Lemont Township

Lemont Township Screenshot
Lemont Township is one of 29 townships in Cook County, Illinois that provide services to residents such as Assessor's Assistance, Handicap Assistance, Home Delivered Meals, Dial-a-Ride assistance, Emergency Aid, and much more. The custom website built by Anttix provides multiple features to allow residents and visitors access to content related to all Lemont Township services with as much ease and usability as possible. Event calendars, file downloads, images gallery, and contact forms are featured throughout the site for a full array of exploration into the Township's many amenities and information. Whether you live in Lemont Township or wish to visit, the website is the perfect portal to visit.
Location: Lemont, IL

Lighthouse Insulation

lighthouse insulation home page

Lighthouse Insulation specializes in Spray-Foam Insulation and provides custom and effective insulation solutions. The website is a simple and clean design for easy reading and navigating. The front page displays all the necessary information including a featured blog snippet and contact details, while the interior pages go into greater details for visitors that wish to learn more.

Location: Roselle, IL

Jacob Henry Mansion

jacob henry mansion home page

The Jacob Henry Mansion is a historical and timeless wedding and event venue in Joliet, IL. Comprised of three beautiful locations; the Mansion Estate, the Old Central Church, and the Victorian Ballroom each with its own distinct history and luxury. To reflect these qualities, Anttix provided a website design with calm beauty and elegant functions which allow users to explore everything from a custom array of dining menus to photo galleries. As with other websites Anttix develops, matching the beauty of the location to the site is no small task but a challenge we welcome again and again.

Location: Joliet, IL

Metro Animal Service

Pet Crematorium Website

Established in 1974, Metro Animal Service is a family-owned Pet Crematorium located in rural Plainfield, IL. Metro has continued to grow for over thirty years with the high demand for a service that shows respect and care during a pet owner's time of need. Compassion and reverence for pet owners and their beloved pets drive Metro Animal Service every day, and personal attention to detail and a long-term staff is what makes them a valued institution in Plainfield.

With that growth, Anttix assisted with the conversion of an antiquated and cumbersome process for managing pickup, processing, and the return of pet remains with a web-based application built directly into their website. Through this unique and custom Cremation Request System, Metro Animal Service can track and manage cremation requests across all of the pet care institutions they serve far more accurately and smoothly. As a long term customer, Metro Animal Service provided Anttix the opportunity to help them grow with today's technology needs.

Location: Plainfield, IL

Housing Authority of Joliet

Government Organization Website

The Housing Authority of Joliet’s strives to create an active community with quality, affordable homes for everyone they can. By creating a sustainable and inclusive housing community, they bolster the local economy, improve a quality of life, and empower their residents with much-needed homes.

Anttix first designed a new website for the Housing Authority in May of 2012. For the next four years, we assisted in maintaining their website as well as other technology-based needs such as custom email signatures for each staff member. In early 2016, Anttix had the opportunity to revisit the Housing Authority of Joliet and redesign the website to a new, sleek and responsive website. It is these long-lasting relationships that Anttix strives for with our clients to watch our websites grow and change with the industry, and watch our customers grow with them.

Location: Joliet, IL

Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network

Public Works Website

Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network (IPWMAN) is a Statewide Mutual Aid System for all Public Works agencies in Illinois. Public Agencies can help each other with personnel and resources for both natural and man-made disasters. As of 2016, the organization is over 230 Member Agencies Strong.

Diamond Technical Services

Industrial Website Design

Diamond Technical Services, Inc. is a technical service and engineering consulting company catering to the utility, oil, gas, chemical, refining, food processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agricultural, and power industries. We offer comprehensive services, including boiler Inspections, NDE services, remote inspections, and engineering services, efficiently providing a one stop shop for all industrial client needs.

Location: Blairsville, PA

What is Google Looking For Today?

Google Search

As web developers and website owners we have to ask ourselves on a regular basis, "What is Google looking for today?" This means that we are away of how often Google changes and improves their search algorithm to accommodate the best possible results for their visitors. The certainly don't just trust the same algorithm from 10 years ago will do the job. Google's search engine still holds just over 67% of the market share* making it something all sites should be paying attention to, and with it they have the responsibility of employing artificial intelligence-like technology to rank their website search results. So let's review the question of what Google is looking for today.

Responsive Websites

Anttix may be called a broken record for how often we mention responsive websites, those sites that respond to the device and screen width they are viewed on without changing content. Now we one more reason to show you why. Responsive websites are now being ranked higher for Google search results for the simple reason that they provide one-stop-shop content for visitors no matter how they are viewing the site. Google appreciates the efficiency from only having to crawl and index one site without having to review sub-domains and mobile websites which contain similar but different content. Google also ranks these sites higher because they can be shared, interacted with, and back-linked easily from one URL across all platforms seamlessly. In other words, if your site is not responsive you could start taking a bit hit in your rankings.

Local Identity

More often than none, your searches are being conducted with data you may not even know Google has collected. Your geographic location is being taken into consideration, therefore you may find results of businesses and services closer to you rather than just those with the most relevant content. It is more important than ever to stress a local presence for your site and we don't just mean listing your address somewhere on your page. This also includes geographical social media sites like Yelp and Foursquare that help business create a local presence with a rapidly growing network of users trying to find goods and services close to them. Creating a strong local presence for your website can mean big results in your search engine rankings and most importantly, drive the local users you really want.

More Content Awareness

As sites grow, it is not necessarily how often you work keywords into your site but the quality of your content as a whole. Good content includes saying something unique about the keywords you want to be found for. For example, Anttix doesn't want to just plaster "web design" all over our site and hope the spam catches on. In a lot of ways this would be a detriment to us, as keyword spam is detected easily and penalized quickly. Instead, we would rather talk about the web design services and philosophies we offer, and tell people why the web design Anttix offers is different. Not only will inform our visitors more accurately but Google will recognize that quality content as well.

In conclusion, you simply want to continue to put your best website efforts forward while paying attention to current trends. If you find it hard for your business to keep up with important trends like Social Media, Search Engines, and Responsiveness then please give Anttix a call at 877-426-8849 or email us here. We will be happy to help manage these important aspects of your website and get you on track for the best possible search engine rankings.

*Based on the latest search engine market share figures for April 2014, released by comScore.